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Day One

Today we set off on a yacht and we put the main sail up and we went to Yarmouth to settle down for the night and we headed up wind. We learnt how to tie knots. We enjoyed today and we can’t wait in till tomorrow. At lunch Liam brought Parma ham in and it was delicious.

We also set off to go to Yarmouth at 10:30 and we put up the sails 10 minutes after we set off and I help to turn the boat to get to Yarmouth. For lunch we had rolls with ham and cheese in it and some Liam homemade ham and once we had finished lunch we got back to fun work on the deck.

Ones we was on deck we turn up to Yarmouth

And went round the town and saw all of the diffent shops round Yarmouth and had a great time. We came back to the boat at 6 pm and had a bit of free time before tea time. For tea we had chicken raps they were nice can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

I have really enjoyed working as team with different people who I don’t know but its helped me I really enjoyed doing some practising knots and doing the sails I really enjoyed going up the mast on the boat today it was great fun! And the other thing is  I liked was cooking lunch with friends and crew lots of new things to tr.y Just to let you know I will try and sign up again I love it and it  gets me away from home for 5 or 6 days so there.


Jonathan frost

James barringer

Day Two

An early start was required to have tide going with the yacht will going round the spindles. This meant the crew was on the deck before 06:30, which was time the challenger 4 left Yarmouth. Once we left port, the main sail was lifted despite the lack of wind. This was the first task run by one of the members of the student crew. The motor was however still running at this point to ensure the boat still made good process. At around 08:30, the crew undertook another man over board exercise to ensure they knew what to do if one of the crew did go overboard. Once this completed the crew had breakfast on deck. After everything was then cleaned up, the crew then hoisted the head sail, despite the lack of wind. This was again lead by a member of the crew.

As there was a lack of wind during the day, other activities were completed to pass the time. One of these was being taught different aspects of the yacht, including the push pit and keel.

We also attempted steering with the emergency rudder and could compare the different between it and the wheel.

As we were coming into Weymouth, both the head sail and main sail were brought down which was again led by different members of the student crew. It was about 14:00 when the crew arrived into the docks at Weymouth, which gave the crew a couple of hours to have a look around the seaside town before tea.

Day Three

Today day was a great and fun day I really liked the boat on heeling over in the 20 knots of wind, I really would like to do it again soon. The other thing is I liked is working with people who I don’t know and never met before, but it helps me.

We left Weymouth Harbour this morning at 9.30hrs and we put the sails up and we all worked as a team together. We soon did some tacking with the boat what I really like as well.

I looked after some people this morning and this afternoon when some people are being seasick.  Later we came near through Needles Channel and then we went to Lymington in the New Forest

Can wait for tomorrow


Day Four

We left Lymington this morning at 1230, the sail was prepped before breakfast by Geoff’s watch. We have improved as a crew in the past few days and therefore we were ready in a shorter period of time. In particular, we did some tacks in the afternoon, everyone got the hang of it in the end. We took turns in giving instructions for the tacks, turned out it was a lot simpler than we thought.

Around half five, we anchored the boat at Osborne Bay and put away all the sails swiftly. Dinner was cooked up by Geoff’s watch, it was chicken curry. With the radio on, Mozart playing, we sat on deck enjoying dinner whilst admiring the sunset, it was one of the best dinner we have had on board, quite a beautiful moment.

Challenger 3, Sarah, has anchored in the distance closely to us and so is Challenger 1. Later in the evening, the Challenger yachts will all head to Portsmouth carrying out a night navigation exercise.

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