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Challenger 3 – Harrow School + Harrow Youth Offending Team

By Tall Ships - July 12th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Three

Today we woke up we ate some cereal then we went ashore on Sark and went to town then we came back to the boat sailed 6 miles to Guernsey then we ate lunch it was pasta in pasta sauce then we went ashore we walked round found some shops bought some souvenirs then we came back and had some take away pizza and then we went to sleep.

Day Two

Another early start breakfast was ready by 7.30am bacon baguettes. Yum. Then we set up sail and made a start to our 20 mile journey to Sark from Alderney. When we got there at around 2 pm anchored up, we then had lunch aboard challenger 3. We then put the corporate sail away with a bit of teamwork, we then made our way ashore via the dingy which broke down several times! The crew then made a barbecue on the beach there was a choice of beef burger, hot dog, vegetable burger and wraps. We had a good feast, some of the crew them went further inland to explore the mountainous terrain, some even ventured to town to get souvenirs and drinks. By the time we was back aboard everyone was ready for a good night sleep

Day One

We travelled from harrow to Portsmouth on coach we got to Portsmouth met the Tallships team  they were very welcoming, we all took turns took turns to introduce ourselves to each other then we sailed to the Isle of Wight anchored up cooked up some chicken curry then went to sleep.

We woke up at 6am put up the main sail up and travelled 65 miles to Alderney while on the way there we learnt multiple different knots. I got a chance to steer the ship on the way there. We then when we arrived we anchored up and took a taxi to shore and took showers then some members went swimming at the beach while others went to the café to enjoy some local food under the sun and then we took a taxi back to the sail ship where the food was already on the stove we all ate dinner together and enjoyed a nice sunset.  A very nice day.

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