Challenger 3 — GPUTC

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Day 1

Monday 13th

First off we had to be at school by 8am, then we set off driving at 10am. We drove for around four hours to UTC Portsmouth and then got a minibus to Gunwharf Quays Marina.

After we arrived, we were shown around the ship. We were given heavy weather gear and taught how to safely wear a lifejacket. Leaving the harbour was a challenge but we managed it! When we started sailing it was enjoyable and the sea looked really nice! We were taught how to tie certain knots like a clove hitch and a bowline. When we arrived in Cowes, we raised the fenders and got everything on the boat safely to the dock. Afterwards, our watch prepared food. We made fajitas. Then after we all ate, the other watch cleaned up.

Day 2

Tuesday 14th - by Jamie and Alan

Today we woke up at the early hour of 0630! Then we had breakfast, which was toasted crumpets and cereal. After our short breakfast we prepared the boat for sailing. We had to keep changing the sails as the wind was very light, too light for us to sail above three knots.

We arrived in Studland Bay by some chalky white cliffs called “Old Harry”. We anchored and jumped from the deck of the yacht into the salty sea, then we blew up the dinghy and cruised to the beach where some of us swam. ‘Twas’ (it was) very fun and adventurous.

Day 3

Wednesday 15th

We woke up at 06:00 in Studland Bay. By 06:30 both watches were up working together to prep the deck and make breakfast for the entire crew. At 07:50 we set sail for Weymouth, at first we motored out of the anchorage to head for open water to catch the most wind in our sails. We sailed past landmarks such as Old Harry Rocks. Once we were well out at sea we hoisted the Mainsail, Staysail and Yankee. We enjoyed the views until just gone 10:00 when we started tacking for our approach to Weymouth. However at 11:40 Bob, a fender, fell overboard and so we performed a man overboard practice procedure and rescued Bob quickly. After the rescue we had lunch and then took down the main sail. We then motored into Weymouth harbour and docked . Finally we tidied to the deck for an evening meal of fish and chips.

Day 4

Thursday 16th - by Louis and Eesa

Today was a tough but splendid experience, everyone worked very hard today on our 13 hour sail. The sun was beaming down on us yet we kept on going and sailed through the classic British sea

We hosted the sails and glided through the blue sea. As a treat, the sailing team put up a rope that was around 10 metres and it was a challenge to see who could get to the top first. Alex ,Alan ,Eesa and Louis all reached the top, some faster than others. Sir Mike continues to tell unfunny jokes which no one has  laughed at yet. My group (Louis) cooked chicken curry for dinner today and also made bacon rolls for breakfast. Everyone had to work as a team when we arrived in Portsmouth, it was pitch black and we had to get ready to dock. Overall everyone is happy (from what I know) but I think everyone can agree with me that we miss our family and can’t wait to come home to our beds.

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