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Challenger 3 ⎻ Gloucestershire Scouts

By Kate Stewart - August 24th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Gloucestershire Scouts are joining us onboard Challenger 1, 2 and 3 this week for an exciting residential adventure.

You can read the blog below to find out what the young people onboard Challenger 3 have been getting up to since they started their four-night voyage on Monday (22nd).​

Day 1

Monday 22

We started our sailing journey at approximately 13:00 in Portsmouth Harbour. We sailed for around five hours before mooring at Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

The journey was great and the weather was moderately windy with a light drizzle of rain. We travelled 14.9669km in total.

The Skipper, Jim, and Thomas, steered the boat. For the majority of the journey, we used the boat’s engine combined with the sail.

The sea was green, with a subtle hint of blue just under the surface. There were a few waves and it rained at multiple points throughout the first day. It was cold, but fun. Dinner was really nice and warm!

Written by Thomas, Emily and Evelyn.

Day 2

Tuesday 23

At 07:00, we woke up to the sound of our Mate, Sophie’s screaming abruptly disturbing our slumber. ☹️

The sassy sea cows set breakfast ready for everyone to pounce on the chocolate cocopops, like predators to their prey.

After setting up the deck, we started our never-ending journey from Cowes to Weymouth. Vomit gushed overboard and much to our disgust, some landed on deck as well.

Steering lessons occurred throughout the day, with some passing their tests and others failing. One of our greatest challenges by far was hoisting the sails.

Once we arrived in Weymouth at around 17:00, we set the boat up for the night in a mad rush to get ice cream. Disappointment struck when payment was card only. ?

After a quick visit to the beach, we searched Weymouth for the tackiest souvenir we could find. Some succeeded while others contemplated their life decisions.

Before dinner, attempts were made to catch our own fish to eat, using a piece of rubbish, which was disposed of responsibly. Sadly, we settled for shop-bought fish and chips, which went down like a house on fire.

By the best of the sassy sea cows (Millie, Summer and Lauren).​

Day 3

Wednesday 24

We woke up at 08:00 and had scrambled eggs for breakfast, then 30 minutes of free time. We then had the chance to climb up the mast before preparing to set off to Studland Bay.

We set sail and put the fenders and mooring lines in the sail locker. When we came out of Weymouth Harbour at noon, we hoisted the Mainsail. When we were near our destination, we saw a pod of half a dozen dolphins while we were climbing the spinnaker pole.

We then took it in turns to steer the yacht. Jim, our skipper then showed us how to use buildings and land around us as bearings, and how latitude and longitude works. It was very interesting, but a bit mind-boggling.

Within the next hour, we set anchor at Studland Bay. We then tidied up the yacht, cooked and ate dinner, which was chicken stew. Some people liked it some didn’t – it did look like sea weed.

Soon after, we washed up and relaxed. During our leisure time, we had some very, very interesting questions from Oliver about how to use a 3D printer.


By Jack T, Jack W and Thomas.

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