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Challenger 3 — Festive Voyage

By Tall Ships - December 22nd, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1

Sunday 19th

On the first day we were given a boat tour and taught how to stay safe and avoid hazzards on deck. We then set sail for Cowes on the Isle of Wight. During our two-hour journey, we set up the sails ready for the next day knowing that the tides were going to be rough. Our journey seemed long, but we thoroughly enjoyed it because of the amazing views. We made new friends which has made living on the boat easier. At around 19:00 we had dinner – pasta and chorizo tomato sauce (which was delicious). After dinner, we had social time, so we all decided to play games. We started off by playing UNO, then we played a few games with a pack of playing cards. Finally, it was time to go to bed in our little bunks.

Day 2

Monday 20th

On the second day, we woke up early in the morning to start our eight-hour journey to Weymouth. It was a rocky start in the beginning because it was very windy which made trying to move the boat a little hard.  During our journey, we learnt how to tie knots, put two sails up and some of us were able to climb the rope. For lunch, we had soup and bread rolls. On the way we saw dolphins which was definitely the highlight of our day. We finally arrived to Weymouth where we put down the sails and got ready for dinner.​

Day 3

Tuesday 21st

On our third day, despite the wind being against us, we hoisted the sail and headed for Poole. Due to the wind, we noticed the boat was leaning more than in previous days, so we learnt how to tack (switch which side the boom is on) in order to counteract this. For lunch we had warm pasties and baked beans; a welcome relief from the cold wind. Following lunch, we continued onwards. The waves became slightly larger as we passed across the bay, but we strapped ourselves in and pressed forward, finally reaching the harbour. After mooring, we cooked a delicious meal of sausage and mash, followed by mince pies (it’s nearly Christmas, after all).

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