Challenger 3 – February Half Term – 16-25

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This February Half Term, a group of individuals aged 16-25 have joined us onboard Challenger 3 for a four-night residential voyage.

Check out their blog below to see what they’ve been getting up to throughout the week.

Day 1

Monday 20

In the morning, our skipper Sophie gave us a briefing and informed us we would need to pick a team name, we could see the other team were struggling as they lacked creativity. We had no such problems.

Instantly we had the name The Power Puffins, this surpassed anything the other team could even dream of and the envy was written all over their faces. This gave all of us a great chuckle as we laughed at their incompetence.

The leader of our team had to take the helm, establishing his skills as a born leader. After a hard day of sailing, the fajita fiesta commenced where half of the better team began cooking, whilst the other half put the sails away flawlessly. Once this was completed, they descended to finish the job and the fajitas were fabulous.

The Power Puffins

Day 2

Tuesday 21

Tally ho chaps,

The adventure has continued to Yarmouth (not Greater). Honourable Gentleman Gordon rules the halyards with a record time and the mast has been climbed by all. I hope no one left anything up there! The main sail was hoisted high and we caught a small amount of wind.

We then perfected our communication skills by yelling hello at another yacht (a much smaller vessel, one might add!), however they did not take kindly to this and were rather rude by not returning our yachting wave. The ferry men were much more polite, despite rocking the boat greatly whilst we were climbing the mast. Sitting down is a skill yet to be perfected.

A sombre lesson on the topic of man overboard has taught us some safety, after this we were rewarded with leave to use the beautiful showers.

Yarmouth itself has an outrageously charged pier with a toll of £1, however as this is not enforced we decided to board it in the piracy spirit. We are awaiting charges but we are confident in our abilities to fend off any navy or force sent to acquire our fee.

Godspeed and tally ho!

The Flying Dutchman

Day 3

Wednesday 22

The most epic day ever!!!

Today we got all the sails up, the wind was a-blowing, the sun was out and it was calm and smooth sailing.

Tristan drew a lot of graphs and estimated the boat reached a 60-degree angle while sailing. Rowan tied a bowline. Then he couldn’t. Then he could. Now he can’t clove hitch. Nathan was crowned champion of the world and Pirate King because he was absolutely rapid at putting up the stay sails (after Watch Leader Gordon – AKA The Beast – but he must be superhuman!). He was crowned with a captain’s hat adorned with the Jolly Roger to represent his cutthroat attitude.

We saw a rock called Old Harry, he is such a Larry. A chinook flew overhead as well as merlins and wildcats, this was a nice change from waves. We had fish and chips for tea – the curry sauce which was far too sweet and not spicy like curry should be, but the fish and chips were banging! Then we cleaned up the boat and had a shower, which was well deserved after a great day!

Tally ho!

The Power Puffins​

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