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Challenger 3 – face forward

By Tall Ships - December 6th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We learnt the inner workings of the boat and set up the sail as a team. We went through safety procedures on deck and below. Learnt how to hank the rope and put it below. Received fenders and secured them safely. We all took turns in steering the vessel. We then went through second lot of safety procedures.

After this we learnt how to do the winching and all gave it a go.

Afterwards we anchored off by the Isle of Wight and prepared the lights to stay the night.

Once we were anchored we came downstairs split into 2 teams and prepared chicken curry for dinner.

We then had 1 hour free time in which we played cards and chilled out in our bunks.

From 7:30pm we are doing the anchor watch for 2.5 hours in 30mins slots. This included positioning of vessel, Depth of water and SOG (speed over the ground).

Finally, we made this blog and went to bed.

Day Two

We started waking up with a rocky ship, had a nice cuppa and breakfast of different cereals and fruit. After this we had a briefing about what we were going to do today. We washed up our breakfast (boring but necessary). The whole crew cleaned through the boat, I was in charge of the galley. The necessary parts of the boat were checked, for example the engine. We then went up on deck and took up the anchor, then set the main sail up. We did this by lots of team work; including sweating and winding in, in the snake pit, using a winch. We enjoyed the sun, whilst I helmed. The crew put the pole up out of the side of the boat. Then we had lunch which consisted of Cornish pasties, baked beans with cheese (and a cuppa). Then we all took turns climbing out over the side of the boat up to the horizontal pole using a rope. After we had all had a go climbing, we took down the pole using different ropes. We worked together to get all the fenders and mooring lines out of the forepeak, and then put the ropes away in the sail locker. We made our way into Brighton Marina, and started making our dinner – which was well earned! This consisted of Spaghetti Bolognese and Garlic Bread. We had some shore time, and then wound down before bed – including writing the blog!

Day Three

We woke up at about 8:30 had some cereal got our gear together and went up on deck. We left cows witch is a part of the isle of white. And started practicing MOB (man over board) poor Oscar bless he got through in like 5 times so we saved him but don’t worry he is only a down buoy. So we have to have a pointer so we can keep an eye on the casualty so we don’t lose sight of them. We had to drop the sale so we had more of a visual. We took turns in all the different rolls including driving and hoisting the stay sail up and down.

Then we had lunch witch was baked potatoes and beans had a bit of free time after lunch to let our food go down and get ready to dock at Portsmouth for our last night on our journey. In our free time a few of us sat in the saloon and had a little laugh with some riddles. Went back up on deck and got the boat prepared to dock back in Portsmouth. Then sailed Portsmouth. Had to tidy the deck up and done a little bit of cleaning and washing before we had dinner witch was bangers and mash. And finished off with a group photo.

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