Challenger 3 – Dulverton YMCA

By Kelly Field - September 7th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

On Challenger 3 this week, we have a group of young people aged 16-25, sailing from Brixham to Portsmouth.

Read their blog to find out what they’ve been getting up to.

Day 1

Tuesday 6

We got a lift in a mini bus from Bridgewater to Brixham. We boarded the boat with the stuff we packed and packed it all away in our boxes so, there’re no trip hazards.

We all went on deck to have a talk with our Skipper, Jim and his crew about the boat. They showed us how to tie different knots and practise putting up and down the sails. Unfortunately, we couldn’t put the main sail up as we were moored up.

We then had a talk about the facilities below deck and we split into groups, some upstairs and some downstairs.

I loved it when I saw everyone participating and communicating with each other. Then we all split into groups again some cooking and setting up the table and some on deck packing the sails in the bags and putting rope away ready for the next day.

We sat down together and ate dinner and talked about our day and got to know each other more. I especially liked it where everyone participated in most of the stuff and we all could see each other’s strengths.

By Connor.

Day 3

Thursday 8

Today we set sail to Poole!

We woke up nice and early at 07:30 and set the table for breakfast. Breakfast was toast and eggs or cereals of our choosing. As a group, we discussed our route and planned our day around the sail.

Finishing breakfast, we cleaned the saloon, some kitted up in waterproofs and prepped the deck, ready for our journey to Poole. Finishing the cleaning, the rest cladded up in their waterproofs like sailors ready for their first catch of the day and made way to the upper deck.

Slipping the spring lines and breast lines was our first call of action. After those were pulled in, we removed the fenders and set sail towards Poole, starting to prepare the Mainsail to hoist.  We eased the Main sheet and then hoisted it up to the top of the mast.

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