Challenger 3 – Cross Key Homes Ken Stimpson School

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Day One

It started off we got on to the boat and we squeezed all our stuff into the boxes in our bunkers.

We had a briefing about how to not go overboard. Then we went on deck and we explored the ship.

We learnt how to use the toilets properly and that if u go on top deck u can still see the toilets.

Then we did stuff with ropes we also used winches we made some elephant ears.

Then we had some sort of race obviously the best team won that was us (abi and Kelsey and the rest of our team. then we cooked dinner had a whale of a time then we ate food then we put the sail away

Abi & Kelsey

Day Two

Charlotte ,Georgina ,Courtney:

We sailed from Cowes to Yarmouth, it took 500 hours urgh! We sailed with the main sail and the Yankee and a bright orange one. We had to keep tacking and it made the boat go everywhere! All the crew took in turns doing each different jobs above deck, for example steering and winching. Georgina read her boring book *it’s actually quite interesting*while we sailed in the sea having fun and eating our lunch with the salty sea splashing over. Charlotte kept getting her hair stuck in her Velcro and getting stuck moving between positions on deck whilst sailing. Courtney however decided it was a good idea to knee Neville in the face* it was an accident* thanks for the great day J


Today we was awoken by an annoying person called Tyrell at 6:50.we all wanted to kill him! When everyone was awake “strbd watch” set up breakfast. When we had finished we cleand up and the others started to make ready the ship. Then we left port and started to pull up the sails. We then made multiple tacks. We then pulled te sails down and used engine power to enter the harbour.

Day Three

Ashley: it was 4am when we heard a constant beeping. We all wondered what and where it was coming from, 4 hours later we found out it was a message coming in ( we were all annoyed ) At 8 we was awoken by “baby shark” which was pleasantly played by Sam! At 9 we had all eaten and cleaned up and started to prep the winch ropes and harness. After we had completed the set up Georgina was brave enough to climb the mast first. I when I climbed the mast I feel like there was nothing beneath my feet and I was free falling. When we had finished we prepped the sails and left the others there at Yarmouth. We sailed around for a bit then carried out a man over board drill. We then put the sails down and used the motors into Cowes.

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