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Challenger 3 — Barratt Homes Apprentices

By Kate Stewart - May 19th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Joining us onboard Challenger 3 this week, we have a group of apprentices from Barratt Homes.

Read their blog to find out more.

The week so far

To have the chance to sail with Tall Ships Youth Trust is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that we would 100% recommend to anyone who wants an escape from day to day life and to experience something you’ve never done before.

Each day has brought new ways to challenge ourselves and build on our confidence all while working as part of a team.

As you get through the week, you become more aware of not just your own, but everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, which is a vital part of working as part of a team.

So many of the skills you will develop and learn can be taken into everyday life which makes this voyage even more worthwhile.

This morning is a great example of some of the things you could get up to, such as starting the day with pancakes made by the Skipper and climbing a 95ft mast… that’s all before you’ve even set sail for the day, so imagine what the rest of the day will entail.

Sailing is only one part of the adventure, the laughs and relationships you build is what will make this trip so memorable.

We would all like to say a big thank you to the TSYT crew and their incredible volunteers for making this voyage possible.

By Hannah

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