Challenger 3 — Addey & Stanhope School

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Day 1


As soon as we arrived at Portsmouth, we were surrounded by boats of many different sizes. When we made our way to the boat we were welcomed by the wonderful skippers [Skipper, Mike Perham, his Mate and Volunteer sailing staff].

Then we began our journey to Cowes, which was lovely but a bit rainy, still we all enjoyed it and learned new things like; bowline, and clove hitch knots to tie the big round rovers and long fenders. When we reached Cowes we did a little look round, bought some food and came back to the boat and ate some fajitas, which were tasty. Then we went to sleep after a hard day.

The lads from Addey & Stanhope School

Day 2


The start of the day everybody woke up semi-late but not Rahaan. On the way to Poole we had a good time doing a lot of things like; singing, talking, seeing a lot of houses and doing a lot of work.

What made it bad was that there were many flies, creatures and wind while we were in the middle of the sea. When we arrived some of us had to prepare dinner, it was a lot of work cutting vegetables and seasoning food. At the end, the food came out really good and delicious. Afterwards, we had a nice hot shower and went to sleep.

The lads from Addey & Stanhope School

Day 3



Ch3 departing Poole 0800 for Weymouth. Covid tests all negative and everyone is feeling mighty fine.

I had decided on an early start this morning and the generator alarm clock was set for 0630. But to my great surprise the crew took it upon themselves to get up at 0500???!!!!

And they all decided to go for a run before having breakfast at 0600?!!!! Madness! Needless to say I didn’t join them as my body is a temple and I need all the beauty sleep I can get 😉.

Crew are super duper keen to get to the beach. One of them already tried to put on their swimmers. I am super duper keen for ice cream.

Mike Perham, Skipper/The Ice Cream King

On day three everyone woke up early and had breakfast. Then we exited the bay and set sail for Weymouth, on the way we worked on deck and played blackjack. It was about a four-hour trip and when we got there we got changed and went to the beach to play around and it was pretty fun. After that we went back to the boat and had fish and chips, then went to shower and bed.

The lads from Addey & Stanhope School

Day 4


Today was our last full day on the sailing ship and we spent the whole day on the boat and travelled for about 9+hours, which is roughly about 57 nautical miles travelling across the sea. The deepest depth of water that we sailed over was about 49.3 metres. We worked on communication, and working together as a team to get the sails up as fast as we could. We also had an opportunity to climb the mast and we saw a beautiful view of the boats, water and land.

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