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Day Three

Today we went from Poole to Southampton water. The sea was flat with the wind behind us. Out day started out at 7:30 and at 8:00 we had bacon, muffins and avocado, at lunch was had pasta and at dinner we had korma curry which was all very nice. The mood of the ship was a lot brighter and more enthusiastic due to people not feeling sick. We did chart plotting and planning after breakfast, creating the route that we would sail later on in the Southampton channel. We did some man over board drills, had a quick sing with some tea and biscuits. We are looking forward to some more interesting days ahead.

Day Two

We woke up and ate our breakfast which was cereal and toast. Then after we got ready we took the main sail cover off and sorted the boat ready for sail. Quarter way through we started to put the main sail up which took all of us to work hard, together. That caused the boat to tip almost 40 degrees, many of us vomited whereas many of us did just feel sea-sick due to the tipping. After this we started to put up yankee sail which only took a small group of us. At one point, the boat was tipping so much that we all had to clip ourselves to the boat. When we got closer to Poole we had to take all the sails down again and start to dock. Afterwards, we had a walk around Poole and found some souvenir shop and an arcade when we came back we started to cook. We cooked spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread but with many types of vegetables like carrots, tomato, mushrooms and red peppers. It was nice. Many of us enjoy learning to sail apart from the sea sickness and the sick. We are looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer.







Day One

It was awesome experience so far… we started off by having a brief and having a tour of the ship. When we set sail we were learning the ropes and we had a race to see which team, port or starboard, could winch the ropes the fastest. Once we got nearer to Cowes we got ready to dock by getting out the fenders out as well as the ropes. We docked and the port team got started on the dinner which was sausages and mash with gravy while the starboard team were doing deck clean up. We then all had dinner which was a range of flavours. Many of us enjoyed the day apart from the rain and wind, but moral was high. All of us are looking forward to some sleep.

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