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Challenger 3 ⎼ Dover Christ Church Academy

By Kate Stewart - September 29th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challengers 1 and 3 this week, we have young people from Dover Christ Church Academy joining us for a five-day residential voyage.

Find out what the young people, aged 12-15, onboard Challenger 3 have been getting up to so far, by reading the blog below.

Day 1

Monday 26

We had a wakeup call of 07:00 from our Skipper, Sue, the first thing we did was get dressed into our waterproofs (coat, overalls and life jacket). Then, we had breakfast, took our sickness medication and set sail!

After we set sail, we put up the Mainsail and did what is called sweating (hoisting the sails), we then coiled the ropes and added elephant ears. Coffees were made soon after. We put the Stormsail up and things took a turn for the worst, as the boat was tipping (practically horizontal) and people were being sick. Kimie won with a record of throwing up 11 times, I know, it’s impressive, ginger biscuits are best for seasickness.

While the storm was at its worst, me and Gabby did more sweating to raise the third Yankee sail. Sue and the team started to discuss whether it was better to carry on to Weymouth or go to Poole, which was half the amount of time. We decided that Poole was the best option due to the level of the sea and everyone being sick.

Once the storm had passed me, Gabby and James sat on the high side of the boat, the bubbles were crazy. I (Peyton) was acting crazy according to Gabby. We then finished the day with a good old fish n chips.

By Peyton and Gabby.

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