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Challenger 2 – Youth Action Wiltshire

By Kate Stewart - April 12th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

This week onboard Challenger 2 we have a group from Youth Action Wiltshire on a four-night voyage.

Read their blog to find out more. ?

Day 1

Monday 11

We sat down in the minibus and various incidents happened before we reached Salisbury. We soon arrived in Portsmouth where we struggled to find a space to park and had to reverse round the car park!

We carried our stuff to the boat and we were split into two separate groups, Starboard watch and Port watch. After the tour was done we were given our waterproofs.

Today the winds picked up from the inland area, which gave us a good push getting out of port. Will had a go at steering the boat towards Cowes until someone else took over and steered us towards Yarmouth.

Dinner was fajitas cooked by the Starboard team. It was lovely. Sharon took Starboard watch to the showers but wouldn’t let us buy Coke from the shop, gutted!

Now we’re sat writing this blog and listening to Sweet Caroline while Port watch are washing up, sounds fun for them!

Mollie almost fell off the deck.

By Starboard watch (Will, Tia, Mollie, Bryony and Rhys).

Day 2

Tuesday 12

We set off from Yarmouth with full stomachs after our delicious bacon rolls, trying to avoid getting ketchup down ourselves. Then we put up the main sail, which took a lot of effort from the whole crew.

Charlotte and Cameron brought us hot drinks as well as cold ones. Once we left for Weymouth with a few sea sick individuals (who didn’t take their sea sickness tablets), we put the Yankee sail up but it was many times bigger than us and the clips were hard to unclip.

Many of us were struggling to stand up as the boat was leaning to one side. For lunch we had ravioli and garlic bread, which Charlotte cooked with Mark and it was difficult because the boat was leaning so much to one side.

Some of the crew were with Mark learning how to do different types of knots. Putting down the sail was just as hard as we were hanging on for dear life wanting to save ourselves (well, some of us).

When we docked in Weymouth, we covered up the Yankee sail then the Stay sail. Then packed up the deck and cleaned up the kitchen as we listened to Sharon’s ‘amazing’ singing.

We went ashore for about an hour where most of us went to McDonalds and let me just say, the chicken nuggets were lush! The boys raided the toy store and the ice-cream shop. The girls went to the bubble tea shop and McDonalds and Molly, Charlotte and Tia did a ten minute snack hunt in Tesco.

We came back to the boat and had fish and chips for tea, but struggled as lunch was quite late. We had brownies for desert. After we ate, we did a knot exercise with May, using strawberry laces (Port watch won!). At 21:00 Molly asked Sharon where the water was… after two days, you’d think she’d know by now.

By Cory, Charlotte and Molly.

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