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Challenger 2 – Winchester House School (Year 8 leavers trip)

By Tall Ships - June 13th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 3

Entry Three

No one was sick today, yey!!! Firstly we woke up later than the day before, which was a treat! We then made bacon butties which were delicious. Secondly we got ready to leave and got the sails up and ready. Then we set sail and headed towards Lymington.

Sadly the tide was against us which meant extra hard work. Imisi even sweated (pulled the sail up) with Phoebe! We really loved the day as we all sat at the edge of the boat, relaxing and conversing. Luckily the rain held back and we stayed relatively dry. The funniest part was when Mr Stoop couldn’t do what he had been asked to do and we had to help him.

We had a cooking competition when we had to cook brownies and the person with the yummiest won. Jemima and Phoebe cooked ‘sailors gooey balls’ which were basically brownie balls, and Jas,  Maddie  and Ruby made them and then had do the same Phoebe and Jemima’s  idea and also made balls so in the end there was no competition, they were both really yummy.

Lastly we arrived at Lymington and cooked a lovely curry although everyone was really sad as we had to cut up onion and cried! We relaxed like we had done  most of the day, on Challenger 2.

The End

By Phoebe ,Jemima , Imisi and Sam B

Day 2

Entry Two

This day surpassed our expectations.

We had an almost lovely morning wake up at 7:00, a bit too early, and we had been breakfasted by 7:30. We got up on deck and started to prepare our sails. Today we were really excited to put up the sails, especially the main sail which was massive!

The sea today was really calm and the sun came out to visit us it was definitely a tanning oil day. Along the way we passed Hurst Castle which was one of Henry VIII’s castles and the Needles on the Isle of Wight. We also experienced Geography in action when we saw the erosion of a headland. Thank you Mr Riley and Mr Stoop!

Closer to Weymouth we passed Lulworth cove and Durdle Door. We went past a live navy firing range – it was a blast!

We finally arrived in Weymouth where we were allowed a couple of hours to explore the town and spend some money on a souvenir competition and surprisingly we all came back with the same souvenir, what a coincidence! We arrived back at the boat to find some really yummy fish and chips waiting for us. It was a really great day and we can’t wait to sail in the race against the other challenger boats! And Timothy was ‘beyond cool’.

Maddy & Toby

Day 1

Entry One

We arrived at Portsmouth after a long and very exciting journey, we got to the boats with time to spare, we familiarised ourselves with the boat and the crew. We split into two groups and half learnt about the upper deck and the other learnt about downstairs and the difficulty of the loos then we swapped groups!!

We were soon winching to get out of the harbour near the Spinnaker Tower. As first out of the harbour we won the first race and we were soon learning to tie knots and travelling along the Solent. After a while we passed the Isle of Wight and we hoisted the stay sail and after getting used to this we hoisted the Yankee 2. We tried to do a tack successfully and we did 4 tacks.

Although the weather was miserable, we continued through the Solent still racing against the other challenger boats to Yarmouth, many of us had turns to sail the boat at selected times. Finally we got to the port and we had a well deserved supper which was cooked by Phoebe, Jemima and Sam with little help from Imisi (although he did try and cut up half an onion).

We also had a shower which was lovely and refreshing ! Then, to everyone’s satisfaction, we had a long sleep, without Mr Stoop and Mr Scouse  snoring!!!!

The end

By Jemima, Phoebe, Imisi and Sam B

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