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Challenger 2 — Wiltshire Scouts

By Tall Ships - August 21st, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1

Tuesday 17th - by Rhys & Noe

And thus, the brave scouting crew set forth upon their mighty conquest in which they shall face perils untold and challenges unheard of. The great minibus had the honourable task of transporting these brave adventurers to their destination: Portsmouth! Here they were to await their guides for this unthinkable task. All of a sudden a great obstruction was thrown in the way of their mission, there was no parking. But nothing could stop them now they had their minds set. Our brave crew boarded their vessel and set forth for Yarmouth.

Now a new challenge was presented: a task set by the fabled guides. They set then took down the sails many a time so as to prove their worth to their Tall Ships Youth Trust guides, before they were taken carefully into the harbour alongside the great ferries of old. Here they rested themselves and had dobble (card game) tournaments with stomachs full of a delicious meal cooked by the starboard watch. While the port crew wash up, I write this blog in anticipation of a warm night’s sleep.

I fear tomorrow’s blog may not be so eloquently written as tonight’s and that you shall have to wait two nights for a true update on these adventurers’ quest. For now I bid thee farewell and hope to send my update soon.


Day 2

Wednesday 18th

Woke up to music

Left 5 mins early

Put all sails up


DOLPHINS with cornflakes

Derek discusses the morals behind eating dead baby chickens (eggs)

Everyone was sick but Finn

6 people threw up, Luke, Rhys, Noe, Tracy, Phil and Meg

21 doughnuts

Isaac dressed to impress

Fish and chips


Hopefully 3rd Chippenham (Ben) falls off the toast


Day 3

Thursday 19th

I am pleased to have the opportunity to give this official update upon the faring of our brave scouts because as expected, yesterday’s blog was abysmal.

We began with a so long to Weymouth and a spritely Jim Davidson. Scottish bagpipes a’ blowing, we said our farewells, and after eating scrumptious bacon baps prepared by the starboard crew, we set sail for Lymington from which I now write to you. Main sail up and full we made our attempts at climbing the spinnaker pole. We dressed for the rain, though of rain there was little. Then to the bombastic cries of man over board we all rushed to help and a heroic save was performed. For our MOB exercise.

Sleepy eyes closed and heads began to droop but a good two gybes fixed that one for good. Terry’s (skipper) songs also help set the mood, and for lunch there was pasta, pasta is food. Then we shot through the Needles and that was great fun. We ate our fresh curry then the port team washed up, though not in a hurry. To the showers we headed with directions from Terry, though finding the showers was not a task that was merry. With new directions from Terry we got to the showers with clarity, we returned to sleep and the ship funded by charity.

Have fun with tomorrow’s blog which will undoubtedly be dreadful so I say goodbye for good and sorry.

You’re welcome

Me and myself (the starboard watch may have helped a little)

Day 4

Friday 20th

We started the day off with Skipper’s pancakes (he made 46) then we were ready for the day. At 9AM, we climbed the mast and could see the town at the top. Finn sat on Harry, Phil had plumbers crack in front of a big ferry, and we were too polite to say anything. We then went into town, missed the Waterstones and saw Ben Ainsley’s golden post box, we bought ‘necessary provisions’ for the day at the Tesco. Leaders were late for lunch, we were very disappointed. We, however were right on time. We then set off and hoisted the mainsail, during which Luke got his foot stuck in the ropes and his shoe fell off. The weather changed for the better at 12.45PM, as the sun came out and the mist slowly cleared. We played around in the Solent for a while and did some tack and gybe practice. Megan and Ben chopped loads of potatoes and veg for dinner. We had a sticky sausage situation. We tried interesting Jaffa Cake flavours – neither were great. Boujie hat competition.

Now to plan for the night sail! QE2 sailed past us, the sea looked like glass. Ben, the small one proved he wasn’t entirely vertically challenged. Two of us were amazed by the fact that two monitors were connected when one was windows 7. Ben and Megan ate apples with pringles while writing the blog after being abandoned by Finn. Then it was time for the night sail. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate and biscuits! What is the best biscuit? Hobnobs vs McVities Caramel vs Cherry Chocolate Digestives. Digestives won a decisive victory among both the port and starboard watches.

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