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Challenger 2 – Wiltshire Scouts

By Kate Stewart - August 8th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Joining us onboard Challengers 2 and 3 this week, we have two groups from Wiltshire Scouts.

Read their blog to find out what they’ve been getting up to since they started their TSYT adventure on Sunday (31st).​

Day 1

Monday 1

Hello world. This morning we ate breakfast, there was an enormous variety of cereal, which I mixed all together. In Yarmouth the showers were very nice and Ben enjoyed the water because it was very cold. We left Yarmouth and sailed around the Isle of Wight where we did some tacking and gybing. Ben, Ben and James did some helming, which was amazing. We arrived at Lymington, the showers were way too hot and there were lots of fancy yachts.

The Phil squad (us) made some delicious spaghetti and meatballs, which everybody enjoyed. After, we had some free time so went to Tesco and got all the products that contained sugar. We got back to the boat and played a game of spoons, which was fun – thanks Amy.


By THE PHIL SQUAD (Port watch)​

Day 2

Tuesday 2

This morning we ate cereal for breakfast, then we motored out of the harbour before putting up the Mainsail with one reef because of the high wind speeds. We sailed out past the Needle Channel and put up the Yankee and Staysails, which was a challenge with the weather.

We were sailing at almost 30 degrees for nearly six hours, Josh, Conor and Ben were nearly seasick.

Eventually we got to Poole where we were able to relax around the town before getting fish and chips and going to bed.

Day 3

Wednesday 3

Hello world. Today we started with a wonderful breakfast, egg muffins, made by The Phil Squad. After, we were set the task of finding the most tacky souvenir in Poole, in which we definitely will win. We (Ben H and Hen) found a souvenir shop where we asked the shop owner if they had any broken/unsellable items and explained we were scouts in a tacky souvenir competition. She was great and gave us two tacky magnets, one without the magnet and one that spelt Poole, ‘Poo e’.

We bought ALL THE JELLY BEANS at Tesco.

We went to the RNLI lifeboat station, where we learnt about lifeboatery and the coastguard. It was very interesting and we got a tour of the station and boathouse.

At 14:00 when we got back, we were starving but had to leave the harbour so the baguettes after were amazing! We sailed for half an hour before doing a man overboard drill, where we chucked Josh off the ship to fetch the fender because of his heinous crimes against humanity (spilling all the BISCUITS). We learnt to point at Kenny (the sausage fender) and to pick them up between the wind and the casualty so we get blown on to them and to pick them up on the Port side.

Before dinner, we all (apart from Ben T) jumped in the sea. Keith took some brilliant slow-mos .Fortunately, the water was warmer than expected and Hen showed off his flips. It was great.

Delightful dinner.

Bye <3


Day 4

Thursday 4

Hello world.

Surprisingly we mostly slept well under anchor. We have anchored by Studland beach and Old Harry. It is very picturesque. The sea was calm and sadly there was barely any wind so we couldn’t sail today.

Later on, we had a theory lesson on sailing and the direction of the wind (head wind, abroad reach, a beam reach and run (from behind)).

While sailing, we climbed the halliard pole that was suspended over the sea. It was great fun!

THE PHIL SQUAD made lunch, which was wraps – they were delicious.

After a while we anchored off the coast of the Isle of Wight. We had to do the BIG clean before being allowed to swim.

We are having red Thai curry for dinner, which will be great!

Bye <3​

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