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Challenger 2 – The Naval Children’s Charity

By Kate Stewart - October 25th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

A group from the Naval Children’s Charity are on board Challenger 2 this week.

Read about their adventure so far in their daily blog.

Day 1

Monday 23

On the first day we all arrived at Challenger 2. Moments after, none of us were afraid to get right in and put our bags on our beds.

About an hour later, we went upstairs to the cockpit and had an introduction – one by one we went down to our cabins and had an interview from a very friendly , caring woman.

After we set sail it was about a two-hour journey to Cowes, which is where we’ve just finished preparing tea, so we have to go eat ! Update you soon byeeee!

By Evelyn and Noah.

Day 2

Tuesday 24

Today we got started with cereal and baguettes for breakfast, we then had an amazing view when we climbed up the 95ft tall mast, with safety, of course.

After everyone who wanted to, climbed, we got ready to set sail again. We set sail from Cowes and travelled for three hours to Yarmouth. On the way there we put the sails up and although there wasn’t as much wind at the start, eventually when there was, we started to learn how to tack.

We also put a pole called a tiller and we took it in turns to steer the boat with it instead of the wheel. After we finished tacking and having fun steering, we started to take the sails down and pack them away while heading to port. 6/7 people have gotten killed in the boat murder game.

When we got to port, we made dinner and had showers and people who wanted to went to a local shop. Some of us are shattered but some still have a bit of energy, but that should start to wear of on days 3 and 4.

Day 3

Wednesday 25

Today we went to Poole from Yarmouth. During the trip, our Watch Leaders taught us how to tie some knots. We had stuffed pasta with cheese and a delicious sauce.

We sailed for hours, but we had a little party and that passed the time. Eventually, we arrived at Poole and we moored up. We then spent the remainder of our time cleaning the kitchen so we could cook Fish and Chips! We got the chips from a local shop and they were so nice, and we made our own fish, which was even better.

We then had a look around Poole and we stopped at some shops. This was nice as it gave us a chance to explore the place we had sailed to. We then spent the rest of the night playing Spoons before going to bed.

Day 4

Thursday 26

Today we had the long sail back from Poole to Portsmouth.

Although the journey was long, we all came up with ideas to keep us all happy.

After we got into calmer waters, we were all given the chance to helm and steer the ship.

When we got close, we could start to see the outline of the Spinnaker Tower.

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