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Challenger 2 – Stepney Green School

By Kate Stewart - October 5th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 2 this week, we have a group of boys from Stepney Green School in East London.

Read their blog to see what they’ve been getting up to since they began their TSYT adventure on Monday (3rd).

Day 1

Monday 3

Where it all began…

We left school on the minibus at around 09:30 for a four-hour ride to Portsmouth, where we arrived at roughly 13:30.

We were then greeted by our lovely Skipper, Tony as well as the friendly Mate, Dave. We boarded the boat and greeted Mike and Mark, our two Watch Leaders.

We set sail at 16:00, after our very informational tour of the ship. During the two hour journey, we did a man overboard drill. We then arrived in the town of Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

We chose our bunks, got comfy and organised our belongings for the next five days. Once we moored at Cowes, we made dinner and served it for the rest of the crew. We made a delicious Thai Chicken Curry. We all ate and then the Starboard watch had to clean up.

Yameen was an amazing chef and did an amazing job of cooking and stirring. Mahatir was an amazing food judge and also brought in 64 pairs of socks.

Day 2

Tuesday 4

In the morning, we left from Cowes and sailed to Yarmouth. While we were heading there we had lunch on the boat in the middle of the sea while the sail was up.

When we arrived, we packed up the boat for the night and had beef stew with mash for dinner. Then we did the cleaning and kitted up for an evening walk. On the walk we came across a rocky beach and a few benches in a very bizarre location.

Then we headed back to the ship but we went to the harbour bathrooms before going back, so that we caused less of a fuss and ensured we could use the facilities before they closed at 23:00.

After the bathroom stop, we went straight back to the boats and tucked into our bunks. What an exhausting day!!

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