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Challenger 2 – St Oscar Romero Catholic School

By Kate Stewart - September 18th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

It was great to have two groups from Oscar Romero Catholic School in Goring-by-Sea join us on board two of our Challengers for a residential voyage this weekend.

Read how the crew on board Challenger 2 got on below.

Day 1

Friday 15

On our first day, we learnt the rules of the boat. We learnt the anatomy of said boat, we also learnt the basic knowledge of the boat which were; using the toilet, the escape hatches, the rule of the stairs, go down facing the stairs and one at a time.

We had a very yummy and scrumptious dinner, which was spaghetti bolognaise with a side of garlic bread. As a group we unanimously decided who would go in each watch group (yet to be named) one of these groups include: Zach, Soraya, Sam, Alisha and Yuki.

By Zach, Soraya, Sam, Alisha and Yuki.​

Day 2

Saturday 16

Today we woke up bright and early, to the other watch making us a yummy breakfast. After breakfast, we cleaned up and put away the bowls and cutlery.

We started the day by learning how to take the Mainsail cover off and put the Head sails on. Also we learnt how to work our life jackets to keep us safe. We also learnt how to use the winches safely, we finally left off from Portsmouth to travel down to Cowes.

Our watch made a yummy lunch, which was a selection of tuna, ham, egg and baguettes Skipper (Paul) taught us the safety skill of MOB (man overboard).

The skipper taught us how to save someone if they were stranded and what the challenges would be If you were in the water.

We entered Cowes after an exhausting day, we finished by folding the Head sails down and safely putting them away.

Our other watch made us a lovely delicious meal it, was mashed potato and sausages with some veg on the side. After we ate our meal, we had to clean up which was the worst part!

Overall, we all had an amazing day.

By Maisie and Scarlett.

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