Challenger 2 – St Michael’s School

By Kate Stewart - June 14th, 2022 | Posted in Article No comments

Onboard Challengers 1 and 2, we have young people from St Michael’s Middle School in Wimborne, Dorset.

Stay tuned for updates from their five-day voyage throughout this week! 👀

Day 1

Monday 13

Today we left school feeling nervous and excited. First, we got onto the mini busses and eventually after an hour, we arrived in Portsmouth.

After we had lunch, we got taken to our yacht. We were taught lots of interesting things such as knot tying and facts about the boat.

We then set sail to Cowes and as we sailed, we got taught more new knots.

James, Sam and Anabelle all had a chance in steering the ship as the others learnt some new tricks. We all also learnt how to use winches and we used them when we came into Cowes.

For dinner, we had mashed potatoes, onions, carrots and sausages, which was made by Izzy, who made the delicious carrots, Maisie, who peeled the potatoes, Toby, who peeled the potatoes as well, Sam, who peeled and cut the potatoes and James, who cut the onions. Then to end the day, we all had showers.


Day 2

Tuesday 14

We started the day by having breakfast, consisting of cereal and toast. Next, we rigged the boat ready to leave Cowes.

We practised hoisting the sails and learnt how to trim them correctly. Then we learnt to jibe and tack.

Afterwards, we practiced a man overboard drill with a fender and people got lowered to the water to save them, in a harness.

We then learnt the points of a sail and points of sailing. Then we went on a two hour walk to the beach, had a swim and got supplies from Tesco.

Once we arrived back on the boat, we had dinner (chicken and rice).

Day 3

Wednesday 15

First we had bacon butties for breakfast. Then we cleared the deck, so we could get ready to climb the mast. IT WAS ABOUT 100 FT TALL!

After we had finished climbing the mast, we got ready to leave the port. We put the Mainsail up (which was really difficult because it weighed about half a ton.

It was really hot, so we put on lots of sun cream on to protect ourselves from sunburn.

We sailed past the Needles, which were massive. We then made our way to Poole.

When we arrived at Poole, we went for a walk. We would’ve gone in the sea if we had found a beach. For dinner we had fish and chips.

Photo round up

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