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Challenger 2 — St Michael’s Middle School (Yr8)

By Tall Ships - July 27th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1


Today, we went to Portsmouth and boarded Challenger 2. We had a briefing about life onboard the tall ship. While we were having the briefing, we all got shocked when we saw a massive, red jelly fish swim right up to our boat jellyfish ?.

After the jelly fish swam off, we split into groups of watches (Port and Starboard). As soon as we set sail it stated raining. After about 10 minutes we past Solent Forts, a hotel in the middle of the sea. At about 17:30, we went down below deck and we all had jobs to cut up food for the fajitas.

We arrived in Cowes and had our dinner. After dinner each Watch took it in turns to go for showers.  We all enjoyed working as a team and look forward for the days to come. ?

By Millie, Toby, William, Jemimah & Charlotte

Day 2


We woke up on the Isle of Wight in Cowes. Got woken at 07:15, earlier than the other crew because we were on breakfast duty. Made toast, ‘cilk and mereal’, which was according to Isaac, absolutely ‘peng’.

Then we headed up to the deck to get the sails clipped up, which may I say, took forever, two hours at least! We then eventually left, but not to Weymouth as planned. We headed instead back to Gunwharf Quays.

Our skipper, Paul, was pinged by the NHS track and trace, and had to unfortunately go home and isolate. We waved him off, but as he left, a big white boat pulled up into the marina, and proceeded to reverse straight into a massive blue yacht ?.

The front of the blue yacht was crunched and crumbled and made an ear-deafening screech. A crowd gathered around the incident and police boats circled the area. Next we climbed the mast and the view was really pretty from the top. We met our new skipper during dinner that we made, we had spaghetti bolognaise and cake, and cake icing tasted like toothpaste. After dinner we relaxed for some time and went to have our showers, and played some card games.

Day 3


We started of our day with a bacon bap. At about 0730 we left Portsmouth and headed to Poole. As we were sailing, we past a lot of familiar places like Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Once we were going, we all teamed together and helped hoist the main sail. It was a little bit bumpy along the way and there were times when we thought we might capsize but we were perfectly safe.

It was a very fun adventure. Lots of us had a go at steering the boat on our way to Poole. It was about an eight-hour journey and we all worked really hard!

A little time after we docked, we were treated to fish and chips. It was very delicious. We have had a very fun day and we don’t want our adventure to end. ?

Charlotte, Toby, Will, Millie and Jemimah.

Day 4


We woke up in Poole harbour today, surprisingly quiet. Then headed off, straight after some “peng ass” pancakes, made by the amazing chef, May herself, they were very good! Instead of going straight back to Gunwharf Quays we headed up to the Isle of Wight, where we practised a lot of tacking and some MOB (man overboard) drills, (this took five hours at least! And we’re still here as I am typing). Then May’s crew headed below deck to make some pizza, which was bussing (chef’s kiss). A couple hours went by, STILL going in circles and then finally me (Tilly) and Isaac went down below to make some meatball curry, which was unusual but nevertheless very, very VERYYYYYYYY good. And that’s our day so far but not over yet as we’re about to take off for night sailing and we might fall overboard and might not see you guys again, shame, bye! [Just to confirm the whole crew returned safely and are now enjoying their summer holidays].

Tilly Isaac, Amy and Ewan.

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