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Challenger 2 – Springboard Education

By Tall Ships - June 26th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Two

Portwatch got breakfast ready it was just cereal and fruit in cowes, then we prepped the ship to sail out and sailed to Yarmouth, we got our mainsail, the yankee and the stay sail up it was very difficult, we also tacked a few times had lunch starboard watch made pasties and beans, they were good. We had a lesson flares (not the trousers)!! We learnt a bit about charts and the rules of the ‘road’, if you can see the starboard side you have to give way to them. We did an amazing  job tying bowlines. A wonderful bumblebee called ‘Reginald’ landed on the boat and we nursed him back to life before sending him his merry way. But the pesky little guy kept following us. We had fajitas for dinner; we performed surgery on chicken breasts with scissors.

Day One

First we got on the boat next we got the boat ready to sail to cowes on the isle of white made knots and we move the runners forwards and backwards then   we docked up at the port then we cooked our scrumptious food aka bangers and mash Ann made the amazing mash and Katie and Ryan and Jacob made the yummy bangers. All the humans we meets were nice. And later we are going for a walk.

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