Challenger 2 – Splash Wiltshire

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Day One

So today its Monday 8th of April 2019. We met at the office in Devises. We picked up other people on our way to Portsmouth. We got on the boat and we realised that the boat is smaller than we expected. They gave us a tour of the boat and how things worked and if we were in an emergency they showed us how to work and act quickly.

We were split in to two groups boys and girls we were taught about what happens on the level of boat we were on, boys started down; stairs girls started up on deck. Sam and Hector showed us how the sails worked.

At 15:00 we started to sail. We were heading to the west Cowes. Sam and Hector showed us how the winches worked. Also we learn how to pull up sails and also how to tie up winches and pull up white balloon thing. We then went into are teams. Starboard did making dinner so port cleaned up dinner.  We had Wraps with sauces and different bowls e.g. chicken, cheese, salad, vegan bowls and spices sauces.  We also learnt funny things about each other like a football rivalry and then we went to bed.

Starboard watch – Helen and Thomas

Day Two

Today has been a very wet day how it started was everyone waking up at 7:30am. We got dressed and then port watch made bacon butties or veggie sausages   for everyone. Then port watch brushed their teeth while starboard wash up the things we used and they cleaned the toilets. After that we went up to the top deck and set sail. Some people got to learn how to steer the boat and stay on course. We also learned how to tie up knots and get used to the wet and freezing weather. We also learned how to put the main sail away.

Finally we got the big balloons and throw the ropes to the other ship to tie up for the night. Then port made dinner and then starboard washed up. Everyone after that went to have a shower since it was a long journey and we got soaked. Finally we went to bed.

Day Three

We got up at 7:30 am in the Moring. Starboard group made breakfast that was yummy pancakes. Then port washed up. We set sail to Yarmouth. It was a bit of a rough sea. We put up the sail. Some people got to steer the boat. We had to raise the sails but first put water proofs and life jackets on and check the engine to set sail. We learnt knots some new some for practice. Also port made lunch and starboard washed up. We got to Yarmouth in the afternoon. We had an hour free time. We went to shops and an ice cream store and other souvenir shops.

Furthermore we went to the pier. Then we did mast climbing. Everybody had ago, 6 out of 10 got to the top everybody pushed themselves out there comfort zone. Starboard made dinner. For dinner we had spaghetti bolognaise. And port watched washed up. We then have showers, the shower was very really nice and warm but they were very confusing and we then played Uno. Finally we went to sleep.

Starboard watch

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