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Challenger 2 — South Coast Challenge

By Tall Ships - July 29th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1


The Port Watch 

Adam – Interesting 7.5hour slog. I think we all enjoyed ourselves apart from the 1.7metre waves causing some seasickness among us crew, with seven spewers ? leaving their freshly eaten corn flakes upon the deck… and the early 0530 start!

However, Friday we are forecast 5metre waves with force 8 winds, which should be interesting. On the other hand, we should be fine as we will not be heading into these waves but regardless there is some panic among the crew.

On a more positive note we arrived at Weymouth around 1430 hours and quickly devoured our baguettes made by the Starboard Watch. Soon after we were lucky enough to shower at the harbour master’s office, which was very refreshing after a few salty slaps by the waves in the Solent. That evening, we enjoyed fish and chips on the deck with the well sought after reggae reggae sauce. Game changer. ?

Sam – What a day… A 0530 start preceded a battering run from Yarmouth up the coast to Weymouth. Huge waves and freezing spray only seemed to make the experience of raising the mainsail and foresail all the more exciting.

Being clipped on at the bow and being thrown around was the perfect recipe for adrenaline and in some cases, a review of our breakfasts.

Following the physical exertion of this exercise and the early start, it was understandable that on our approach to Weymouth harbour a few crew members had to be roused from their slumber on deck, some were even using the sail bags as pillows. Once we had navigated the harbour entrance, put stern, bow and spring lines on and stowed the sail we all disembarked for a wander around town and finally a chippy tea on the deck before turning down and getting ready for the next day’s slog up to Studland bay. ?

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