Challenger 2 – Salmon Project

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Day One

So today we met Chas when we got off the salmon youth centre bus and the salmon youth centre is in Bermondsey, London, when we got off the bus Chas took us to the boat which is called the ‘Challenger 2’ and we had a safety brief then got on life jackets and set a sail to Yamouth and I got to have a go at helming  the boat which was a lot of fun and I was helming at 240 degrees and I had to go behind some boats when I was helming so I did not go into them because that wouldn’t be fun wouldn’t it now?, what if we crashed!?, that would be an absolute disaster, then I let my friend take over at helming and he enjoyed it, when we got to Yarouth on the Isle of Wight we ate wraps and it was really nice.

I am looking forward to tomorrow


Day Two

The second day began with us waking up and having breakfast it was just cereal that had been prepared by port watch (with me being in starboard watch). My watch then went and cleaned the ship: afterwords the watches were given the chance to climb the mast, I just played cheat below deck with some others. After the tide turned we set sail and the mast was put up for the first time. Several people including myself went up to the front of the boat and waited for the waves to splash onto the deck and hit us. Most of us got very wet! As our speed increased the ship became angled with it tilting 30 degrees at its peak. More of us got the chance to steer the boat and they got it up to 10.5 knots. We all had to work to get the sails up when the we just tried to get to know each other better .We had a good night sleep but there was a couple loud snores , so we might need ear plugs tonight . We were almost ready to dock up but then we found out that the other boat (challenger 4) had something wrong with their boat so we had to raft up and take them to shore. At lunch time we had pasties and beans. It was delicious! Most of us had a piece of fruit on the side. We are all very tired and off to bed now.

Written by Zak, Isla and Jake

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