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Challenger 2 — Releasing Potential

By Kate Stewart - May 10th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 2 this week, we have a group from Releasing Potential.

Read their blog to see what they’ve been up to since they started their voyage on Monday.

Day 1

Monday 9

We started by leaving the port at Gunwharf Quays and then we headed to Cowes by motor.

We were taught lots of things on the way like how to tie different knots, how the winches work and lots more, it was so fun!

I hope that I can make a lot more memories from week, it’s already been one of the best days in my life so far and the rest of the week will be so fun.

Day 2

Tuesday 10

Last night before bed, I caught a fish. It was a nice fish, but we didn’t give him a name as he wasn’t a pet. I was really pleased as I didn’t think I would catch one. Not because I don’t have the skill, but because I didn’t have any bait.

I loved breakfast, it was really good. The bacon was really crispy. It was very bouncy and the waves were really big. We started in the dock of Cowes and went to Poole. I hated being sick, but I felt better after I had a sleep. We then docked up.

We went to the fishing shop and I got rag worms and weights. They are feisty and bitey and ugly. We then killed a rag worm by putting a hook through its mouth and feeding it all the way up the hook. This was for fishing bait.

The crew… well I didn’t… cooked fish and chips!

I’m hoping to catch a big whopper this evening.​

Day 3

Wednesday 11

We woke up and had cereal for breakfast, it was good. We did a mast climb, which was amazing. We then made a lush flapjack with cherries and raisins. Then we got ready to leave the dock in Poole. Thee weather was really rainy and grim.

We did an engine check before slipping the lines and leaving. We passed the Needles, the sea was rough and the boat was flying everywhere. I had a go at steering, it was tricky because of the weather and the compass was moving everywhere.

Then I made everyone a hot drink because it was really cold. We were heading to Lymington, but we had a change of plan because we were too early for the tide so we changed our plans and went to Yarmouth.

In the evening we did some fishing and crabbing and we saw loads of jellyfish, we touched them… they felt like slugs, it was strange. We had spag bol and garlic bread for dinner.

The best thing was climbing the mast in the morning. It was really windy. ​

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