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Challenger 2 – North Wales Police – Chief Constables Challenge

By Kate Stewart - October 25th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments
Four groups of young people have set sail for the Chief Constables Challenge.
During the summer, the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, Serena Kennedy, challenged three other forces to take to the seas for a yacht race onboard our four Challengers.
Check out the blog below to see how the youngsters from North Wales have been getting on since their voyage began on Saturday!

Day 1

Saturday 22

Yesterday, we set off at around 08:00 from Colwyn Bay, Wales. The journey down to Portsmouth was interesting because we were starting to get to know each other and everyone was very friendly. The interactions with new people were nerve-wracking but worth it. The longer we spent together, the more we got to know each other, and the better it got. The journey down was long and tiring, but worth every second.

When we arrived at Portsmouth, we made our way down to the harbour and met the crew. We unpacked, then went browsing in the local shopping centre together and all brought food. Later on when we all returned to the boat, we got together around the table and played card games. It was funny and a brilliant bonding moment. We shared information about each other and made each other laugh. Overall, the day was all about getting to know and getting comfortable with each other.

The following day (today), was even better. We got to do more practical things on the boat and actually set sail! We worked together to man the boat, which was a great bonding experience, working together to get things done.

We learnt new skills surrounding the boat, we learnt about the sails and what they do. The crew also explained how to stay safe above and below deck, and provided safety resources.

Later in the evening, we docked and got grouped together for jobs. We were assigned the first job, which was to cook! We all helped each other out with the cooking and cleaning, which allowed us to socialize and gain more confidence around each other. We are currently sat around chatting, allowing new friendships to form.

Overall the trip so far has been humorous and exciting. The bonding that’s happened throughout the days has been great. We are glad we got invited because this is truly a once in a life time experience.

By Lucy and Seren.

Day 2

Sunday 23

Today was commonly agreed upon as the best day so far.

Although the weather meant for a lack of sailing, we still managed to gather our spirits and have an amazing time. From bowline competitions to tug of war (we were by far the best of course), all the way to racing in dinghies, getting soaked and laughing non-stop the whole time.

We are all getting on really well with each other and the other three groups, which is always good. Cheshire have been our best friends, but of course our biggest rivals. Credit to the other teams, as they’ve all been great sports.

Rhys and I, along with pairs from the other groups, had the opportunity to do some research for Liverpool John Moore’s University. We took samples of seawater and used filters and microscopes to measure and blog the amount of micro plastics in the ocean.

The day ended with fish and chippy chips, which wrapped the day up with happy smiles and excited minds for the next few days. With promises of more races and more opportunities for adventure, it’s fair to say we’re all in high spirits.

By Rhys and Lestyn.

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