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Challenger 2 – Naval Children’s Charity

By Kate Stewart - October 19th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Challenger 2 is home to a group from the Naval Children’s Charity (NCC) this week. This is the third group NCC crew to have sailed with us this year.

Check out their blog to read how they are getting on on board.

Day 1

Monday 16

We all met at the marina in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, as this is where we would be starting our voyage from.

We did our safety training and got our waterproofs and life jackets sorted out. Afterwards, we  set off and realised it wasn’t going to be a smooth sail. Throughout the journey, it got choppier and a lot of us got soaked from head to toe.

It finally begun to calm down and we decided who was going to be at the helm based off of who was the most wet.

We then pulled up into the port and one watch group made dinner while the other cleaned up on deck.

We all got showers and no longer feel covered in salt water.

By Helana and Rebecca.​

Day 2

Tuesday 17

At the start of the day we woke up at 07:30 and had crumpets and toast for breakfast. We then got dressed and went up on deck to get the boat ready.

Once all set up, we left from Cowes on Isle of Wight and up Southampton Waters. Once we got into more sheltered waters, we put up the sails at the front of the boat. Although it was a nice sunny day, it was very rough, wet and windy. Most of us got drenched and sunburnt.

Whilst we were in Southampton Waters, we saw cruise ships and waited for big container ships to get out of our way.

Finally, we turned back and docked in at Lymington to have tea, which was fajitas. Then we had showers and played Uno.

By Ryan and Paige.​

Day 3

Wednesday 18

This morning, we were meant to wake up at 08:00, but many of us didn’t and woke up much earlier. Yesterday we were pre-warned that we wouldn’t be sailing today due to the wind and rain, so we were allowed a well-deserved lie-in. We had the treat of having bacon and eggs for breakfast.

We then took a walk into town and visited the shops. We got back to the boat just before it started to rain heavily and it ended up raining all afternoon and into the evening.

Once back on the boat, we had a theory afternoon discussing boat safety and learning new knots.

Dinner was made and it was a 7/10 as the carrots were slightly still raw.

Finally, before bed we had a few intense rounds of Uno.

By Becca and Dan .

Day 4

Thursday 20

Today we were sailing from Lymington to Cowes. We left around 11:30 as we had to wait for the tide to rise so we were able to set sail.

We put up the Mainsail today and that took a lot of much effort. We tried doing it in pairs and had to rotate between us all in order to get it up, but once it was up it looked amazing and was worth the effort.

For lunch, we had tomato soup. William lied to us about having chicken soup when that was what the majority wanted. Before we docked, a lifejacket deployed by ‘error’, as it had got wet through with rain.

Once we got to Cowes, Starboard watch cleaned the deck and Port watch cooked us all Bangers and Mash. We then set sail again to do a night navigation exercise, in which Starboard watch led us from the Prince Consort buoy to West Ryde Buoy and then to East Bramble Buoy and then Port watch took us from the East Bramble buoy to South East Ryde Middle buoy and then to Norris buoy and finally back to the Prince Consort buoy on a different route.

While doing this we had to set up to dock, which was hard to do as it was dark. We successfully docked up and then we all decided to have a nice warm shower after being out in the rain.

By Helana, Rhiana, Paige and Ryan.

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