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Challenger 2 – Michael Hall Steiner School

By Kelly Field - June 7th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challengers 1, 2 and 3 this week, we have young people from Michael Hall Steiner Waldorf School, Kidbrooke Park in East Sussex. Stay tuned to find out what they get up to during their five-day sailing adventure. 

Day 1

Monday 6

We set sail at around 14:30 and we were off sailing away happy as Larry.

Mike, Ian and Els (Our TSYT Skipper, Mate and Watch Leader), started to teach us the ways of the boat.

Stanley and Tara pulled the sail up like pros then Stanley and Zack weren’t listening and they messed up ?. But the day carried on well.

It was sunny but there were strong winds so some of us kept our coats on. Ricky, Stanley and Zack got splashed by a wave while they were sitting on the side, they had to change. The rocking of the boat made some of us dizzy but luckily nobody was sick.

To demonstrate how to save somebody if they fell off the boat, a fender was thrown into the sea and we were taught what to do. A key tip was to stay calm. ?

Overall it was a great learning experience, and lots of fun. J


Day 2

Tuesday 7

We woke up around 06:00, the weather was immediately horrible. It took us about 15 to 20 minutes to get the boat prepped for the journey. We planned to have breakfast on the go for an early start to our sailing day.

Later on, we had a small lesson on how to tie a knot called the clove hitch.

When we hit the peak of the voyage, seasickness started to kick in people started to drop down like flies until we all were lying like dead people yay! Until Tara Willoughby and Mr M threw up, luckily over the boat.

The seasickness didn’t last forever and we soon neared Weymouth, travelling a total of 43.6 nautical miles and arriving at around 14:00, coming second out of the three Challenger yachts.

Day 3

Wednesday 8

We woke up with an attitude on an early morning. We all went to have breakfast while music sounded in our ears. For breakfast we had cereal, bacon and bread, which gave us enough energy to pull through the morning. We set sail feeling much better at 11:00.

We arrived at our destination at about 17:30, we made curry which took us about an hour and at 18:30, we were ready to eat.

After dinner, we celebrated our friend Willoughby’s birthday with a cake. Then we went to the showers in groups, we came back feeling fresh and clean.

Mr. Morris suggested for us to play a game called emperor and we agreed. Once we had played three games, we realised that it was quite late, so we went to sleep.

Written by the SQ gang (and Liberty).

Day 4

Thursday 9

We started our day to the sound of waves lapping against the boat, it was probably the best sleep we had had so far – we woke up at 08:00.

The sun was shining brightly in the sky for the first few hours of the morning. For breakfast, we had pancakes (well, some of them were pancakes, some just blobs of dough), then Mr M’s group did the washing up before we left the dock.

As the day wore on, it gradually became more grey. The waves weren’t very big, but the rocking motion was soothing nonetheless.

Lunch was really nice, Cornish pasties and baked beans. After lunch, (and a quick rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’), we sailed on towards our destination of Lymington, arriving at 17:30.

Then we made some bangers and mash for dinner, which was delicious and now we are writing our blog.

By Len, Tara, Willoughby, and Olivia.

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