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Day One

Today was really fun, we learnt all the different parts of this wonderful ship, challenger 2. This beautiful boat has sailed all around the world twice.

We started with learning all about the sails, different kinds of knots, how to do them and all the different names for things on the boat.

We saw a cuttle fish at the harbour and I wondered if we would see it on our dinner plates.

Over all we had the time of our lives thanks to the amazing crew, and we had really nice fish and chips for dinner (not the cuttle fish).

By Amber and Josh


Day Two

Day 2 we started the day at 06:00 in Cowes (The Isle of Wight)

We started the boat by using the motor ,in the beginning the sea was nice and calm. We went through the Needles and the waves got bigger and more choppy.

We put up the main sail by tugging a big long rope which was connected to the sail.

Then we put up the second sail which wasn’t as big and as heavy as the main sail.

After it started to get choppy, Will decided to throw up, followed by Emilie.

We finally decided to put up the last sail and the engine got  turned off  yayayayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J
the crew taught us how to tie different types of knots.

A bit later, Josh threw up and then followed by Clara.

Then the waves got bigger and bigger that the boat tilted to about a 90degrees angle and water came splashing everywhere on deck and made us all wet.

Mimi, Amber and Shizuru (The three people who didn’t throw up) were singing together on the deck.

We got to Cherbourg(France) and tried to moor our boat but we couldn’t because there was no space. Then finally we got a place to moor our boat and met with the people from challenger 3.

Then we ate dinner.

Then we wrote this blog.

-Shizuru and Clara.

Day Three

Today we were woken up by Lindsey playing the Macarena loudly.

We then had breakfast and moved swiftly on to mast climbing, we were harnessed on and were pulled up.

We then went to get ice cream at a nice café by the harbour in poole.

After  that we set off to cowes on the isle of Wight.

On the way we saw a dolphin and named it challenger 5, it was really playful and kept following us and hiding under the boat .

Next we tried a new sailing tactic called tacking , you have to do this when you want to sail directly into the wind , you do this by sailing sailing in a zigzag so that your sails swing from side to side , it was quite hard but really fun and im really happy we got the opportunity to learn how to do it .

The sea was really nice and  calm .

We got to the isle of wight  at around 7:oo pm, and had to moor ourselves to the other boat which was something we hadn’t  done before , and was harder  than we  expected .

Over all  it was an amazing day and we had a lot of fun !.

By Amber , Emilie ,Mimi and Josh.

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