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Challenger 2 – Limes College

By Tall Ships - July 12th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Four

First thing this morning I woke up to scambled eggs and crumpets. I then had to get changed into some swim wear because we had water inflterbals planned for the day. I had an amazing ice cream it was filled up to the top with cookie dogh My outrach worker Kathy payed for the team to get in a juqoozie it was boilingWe had an amazing bbq I had 3 burgers I have had an amazing time.


Day Three

Its been a different expirence because I havnt done anything like this before. I like that the school have given me this opputunity because a lot of other schools don’t do this. I feel like coming to this trip has made me aware that boats/sailing is more than what people think. I came on my first day not knowing what to expect where as now on day 3 I know how to put up sails, how to steer a boat and how to live on a boat. Today we woke up at cowes, isle of wight, we set up the sails and set off. the days feel like they go past quick because of all the things we do. We started off by using the engine but by the time we were set off we turned the engine off and were traviling from the wind. The boat stared to tip to the side but we got used to it. I found out that the only way that a sailing boat works is by team work. Yesterday, I feel like nobody knew how to communicate where as today, everyone was speaking and communicating which made the boat a lot easier to control and run.


Day Two

Today we woke up and hade breakfast after that cleaned up and put the sails up. Not long after that we had lunch. We was sunbathing for a while and learned how to do some not’s . after that we parked up to have a shower and freshen up we had an hour for exploring and to look in some shops . when we got back we had to eat dinner we had fish and chips. When we finished dinner we cleaned up and we was asked if we wanted to clime up the mask everyone got to the top the view from the top was amazing like I didn’t want to come down. We played some games and spoke for a bit then we settled down for bed.

Kayleigh French

Day One

I arrived at Portsmouth and we headed towards the boat we started off with introducing ourselves once that was completed we got the boat ready to set sail we then started to sail the boat and got taught about the life jacket rule which is the most important rule as It could save our lives I then sailed boat which was good fun after that some people cooked while others were doing stuff on deck once that was done we ate but I was being stroppy so a sat in my room but I was starving but then josh brought me in some food and I was very grateful and then I done the washing up with multiple others and finally we endured in some  fishing which everyone took part in.


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