Challenger 2 – Ken Stimpson Community School

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This four-night voyage has been supported by Cross Keys Homes.

Read their blog to find out more!

Day 1

Monday 18

Our first day was really good, we spent the day sailing over to the Isle of Wight and getting a tour of the boat. We learnt how to use the boat and some of us even got to drive the boat.

We had dinner and all had a great time laughing and talking. We are now starting to settle and getting ready for bed. We got to sit up and eat loads of snacks. For dinner we had pasta, which was really good. We had a walk down the deck and got some fresh air.

The weather while on the boat was really nice and breezy and we got an amazing view of the ocean, the boat felt like it was bouncing and each second we were getting sprayed by water which was nice.

When arriving into the Isle of Wight, we all helped settle the boat in by doing loads of group tasks and working together. It was a great first day and we had a great time.

By Oscar and Nidal.

Day 3

Wednesday 20

Today we went to the Lifeboat Centre in Cowes and had a talk from the volunteers about their boat and water safety. Seeing the boat up close was very interesting and was educational, and the woman was very friendly and open to questions. We also lowered the Yankee 3, put it away and prepped the new sail (Yankee 2) in the morning.

We had leftovers for a buffet lunch, and soon after we had fun making scrumptious bread and brownies. Some of the girls made bracelets out of boat rope, and most others played cards or talked.

We then cooked sausage, mash and gravy (bosh) and veg, but it was stressful to serve. The day ended with showers and a bad game of snap.

It was very gloomy and wet today, with rain and winds throughout the day.

By Tiago, Pip and Oscar​.

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