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By Tall Ships - August 14th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Four

We woke up at 8:00 again to have ourselves some delicious breakfast and we started getting ready for the busy day ahead of us.

Once we had finished eating breakfast and getting ready we got the sails out of their covers and once we had finished all of the other jobs we were set we had free time for 1 hour and a half before coming back to make lunch. In our free time we went and bought some tacky souvenirs and ice cream which was really fun. We enjoyed wandering around Weymouth and got back before half twelve.

Once we got back we prepared ourselves to climb the mast. It was really cool and fun and we got a really cool view of Weymouth!

We had made lunch which was a sandwich buffet, and then got ready to leave Weymouth port.

After about 20 minutes on setting out we started to hoist the sails, it was pretty tricky but seeing as we have done it for the past few days and we have a good team they went up in no time.

We sailed for a little while. (4+ hours) before we started to make dinner which was a delicious curry and rice. We had finished off the dinner and whilst 2 or 3 of us washed up, the rest started to take down the sails.

We managed to bag up the sails, bring down the main sail and cover it up. The sun started to set which was so pretty!

It turned dark and we are now following a short light route and then we are going to head back to where it all started, Portsmouth!

Overall we all agree that this has been a great week and we have all learnt something and have had a life changing experience!


By Natasha and Kyra

Day Three

We woke up extra early, 7 ‘0’ clock to be exact, to go and have an early morning shower, when we got back most the crew were awake so we just sat in the galley waiting for everyone to wake up so we could have breakfast. We had bacon rolls for breakfast today but there was still some cereals and fruits to eat in case somebody didn’t like bacon.

After breakfast we all cleaned up and after cleaning we set off, this was about 10:15am and after motoring for about one hour we put the main sail up. Again, it was a struggle but with our teamwork we eventually managed. We then put up the front sail and we managed to sail all the way to our next destination, Weymouth.

Whilst sailing, we were lucky enough to be selected to make dinner, it was fun but also tricky as we didn’t exactly know what to do. We managed to make Cornish pastries and beans, surprising they turned out really well.

Once we docked the boat we found the showers and made sure we knew the code. We also made our way to the beach and had a good hour or so on there.

Once we got back we had some dinner, which was fish chips and peas, which was really nice. We have free time until 9 ‘0’ clock, that’s when we have to be back on the yacht. Bye!

By Kyra and Natasha

Day Two

The next day we woke up at 8:00 for breakfast. We had a selection of cereal, toast and fruit, it was great! We finished up about 8:30 and got ready to set off.

We took off the main sail cover and all got a job to do so we could hoist the main sail up. Whilst sailing in the sea, we each got a turn to steer the boat which was so fun! We learnt how to sail a boat and what to look out for in the sea. I saw a jellyfish.

We also had pasta and sauce with garlic bread which we all enjoyed.

We also learnt how to take care of a Man over Board situation. We did our practice on the fender that we named ‘Bob’, we thought it went pretty well considering it was our first one.

We continued to sail until we got to Poole, our destination for the night. We were all glad to find out that there was a Tesco nearby and nice showers.

Once we docked we had our dinner which was Sausage and Mash. It was so good! We also where allowed to go and have free time, I spent most of it looking at the cool motorcycles which had been parked up outside.

Overall our week is going really good! We are learning so much and enjoying it as well!

By Kyra, Natasha and Liam

Day One

Today when we first arrived we were introduced to the crew members. We met the skipper, the mate and the watch keeper, we also met the other team members that where joining us on our adventure.  As soon as we all introduced ourselves we were briefed on how to keep safe on the boat and what to do in case of emergency.

We all then proceeded to fit our life jackets on and started to get the sails up onto the top deck, it took some effort but with our team work we finally did it! We then had to make sure everything was safe and to do that we needed to make sure there were no loose knots are ropes so all of the knots where fastened tightly and all of the ropes tightened using a winch. When we were all ready to go we set off heading to our first destination. It was a fun and relaxing ride that we could all enjoy. We saw different types of boats and learnt more stuff as we bobbed along. After about 1.5 hours we arrived at this place, which none of us knew anything about, called Warsash.

After we fully docked the boat we started to make dinner, (fajitas) which was delicious. We were allowed to wander around the place that we docked which was fun because we found a co-op, and bought some snacks. Our first day was absolutely great!!!

By Kyra & Natasha

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