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Challenger 2 – Gloucestershire Scouts

By Tall Ships - August 27th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Four

The Dolphin Bolg

Dolphins jumping in the sea. We woke up and we ate breakfast. Cereal. Me and Isaac prepared it. Everyone else woke up late. We set the sail thing. We went after the other team but we caught up with them. We did lots of tacking. The water attacked us. Aiden almost threw up no I didn’t yes you did. We ate sandwiches and they flew away because it was windy and very very cold. I ate crisps and one of them hit Zara in the face. Some of us had a go at steering the boat. Then we saw dolphins and it was amazing. They jumped in the sea. Who? The dolphins. We talked about what it would be like if you had a heater in your mouth and you could cook eggs and stuff. Lucy and Aiden are twins, then they had a sass off on the deck. Sister susan did sister sailing. We used the winches and we did the thingy. Everyone was looking down because if you made eye contact then you had to tack. That’s where you zig zag the boat. You have to let out the rope so someone else can pull the rope and t5he sail flaps around. At the end we had to take the sails down and the metal things made star wars noises. We made burgers. Elsie’s never watched Star Wars. WE cleaned up then did showers. Did you see the flying catamarans? We drove right through the middle of them. Uh sister custard of custard mechanical tescos neil dolphins WHAT? Dolphins bye

Day Three

In the morning we woke up and some people went to Weymouth beach for a swim and wake up, everyone got very wet and cold. They came back and had hot showers then woke the others up (so mean). We had cereal for breakfast and it was great, but we ran out of milk so there was a delay. We motored out of the harbour then set sail at sea. It was a nice day so it wasn’t choppy. We didn’t do much tacking because the wind was coming from behind us. We ate jacket potatoes for lunch on deck which was very tasty and Ed, who is one of our instructors, taught us about the lights for different vessels at night and signs that boats use during the day. We sailed for the rest of the afternoon and then we anchored up for the night. After that, we ate spag-bol which was delicious. Then we watched the boat in pairs for safety precautions.

Day Two

Today we got up and ate breakfast, then set up the ship ready to sail. Next, in our watches, we did some man overboard and navigation practice, which included looking at flares and charts.

We then left the marina and hoisted the sails ready to set course for Weymouth. On the way we played games and got to know each other better.

Soon we arrived at Weymouth and worked quickly to pack the boat away before going into the marina. The other boat arrived shortly after us. For dinner we ate fish and chips (the chips were from the chip shop!) which was very delicious!!!!

It was another awesome day and we all enjoyed it!

By Emilia and Madeleine, gloustershire scouts!

Day One

Yesterday we arrived in style in a minibus and a lovely land rover, and then we waited for around 40 mins eating lunch and playing Uno. Then we got allocated our ships and hammock rooms. After an hour or so, we sailed to Cowes on the isle of white. And then we had dinner which was pasta carbonara with chicken and bacon. And then we turned in for the night in our extremely comfortable beds!

Today we sailed from cowes to poole ! We left at 10:15am and arrived at 07:00pm! So quite a long journey! On the way we even saw dolphins by the boat! we ate breakfast which was cereal then we put up the sails and set sail into the great beyond. We had sandwiches for lunch and various biscuit breaks! We had burgers and salad for dinner which was very tasty!

By Isaac and Toby, gloustershire scouts!

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