Challenger 2 – George Green School

By Kate Stewart - November 14th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

On board Challenger 2 this week, we have a group from George Green School in London, joining us for a four-night Voyage of Exploration.

Check out their voyager blog to find out more.

Day 1

Monday 13

Today was an interesting day. We were introduced to our ship (Challenger 2) and were taught the basics about living on the boat. This included us putting on our sailing clothes, and learning how to sweat and winch the sails, which we were very capable of doing.

Later on, we were shown our life jacket and the equipment in it. The life jacket includes a saltwater detector, which enables itself and inflates when sea water is detected (if we fall in). If the life jacket fails, we have a string attached to inflate the lifejacket.

We then headed down to relax for a bit and then we were split into two teams. Team 1 cooked the dinner, Team 2 went out with a supervisor to go and explore around the coast.

Finally, Team 1 and Team 2 reunited at the table and we ate dinner. I made lots of new friends on this trip and found it very fun. Our crew Jim, Tom and Sam are very nice people and have taught us a lot about sailing.​

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