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Challenger 2 – February Half Term – 12-15

By Kate Stewart - February 13th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 2, we have a group of individuals aged 12-15 from across the UK, joining us for a half-term adventure.

Read their blog to find out more.

Day 1

Monday 13

What a beautiful day, unexpected for the middle of February. Nerves were eased when we settled in to our “cosy” accommodations (bunks).

We soon familiarised ourselves with the people, easily finding friends. The boys were up quite late (being loud), preventing us from much-needed beauty sleep.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get the Mainsail up, but the scenery distracted us from the lack of effort needed to sail. The food was lovely because of our onboard Gordon Ramsey, who only asks for half the price of the real one (one Toblerone).

We stopped overnight in port in Cowes and we went to Sainsbury’s to stock up on some much-needed necessities (sweets and chocolate).

The stars were visible and the sunset was beautiful shades of orange and yellow, we’re not trying to make you jealous of our amazing time, we’re just “built different”, and have our parents’ money, cheers !!

By the Starboard watch:

I love you mum. – Nicole

Hi. –Flyn

Can you check to see if I turned my light off on the top floor please mum? – Harry

Look, I’m on TV!- Cameron


Day 2

Tuesday 14

When we woke up, we were covered in extremely thick fog. We were set to leave at 08:15, but had to leave at around 10:30. While waiting for the fog to clear, we did a man overboard drill.

We sailed from Cowes to Poole, the journey took five hours. The highlight of our trip has to be spending single-people time together for Valentine’s day. We have all had a blast and are so excited for the rest of the week.

The funniest bit was when Harry and Mark “saved” the boat. We climbed out on the Spinnaker pole, so we were above the sea and Nicole achieved the record for the most “stylish” journey.

Harry aka Gordon Ramsay, had the record for the quickest journey to and from. Mark’s quote of the voyage is, “famous last words” and Lewis’ is “will you shut up!?” ?

The funniest person award goes to….Nicole!

Coolest person award goes to….Tabs!

Best chef award goes to….Harry!

Most responsible person award goes to….Hannah!

Most rubbish speller award goes to….Alanna (just kidding)!

Day 3

Wednesday 15

It’s day three and we’re hating the back pain but loving the friends, the uncomfortable sleeping situation has caused. We have all had a go at steering the boat and we took some lovely pictures of the landscape. ?

The food is decent depending on which watch is cooking. Starboard taking first place as Gordon Ramsay is head chef, whereas Port watch is causing people great anxiety as we kept burning the food or as Mark likes to put it, CHARRED!

We have all danced to the YMCA and of course we have had a good time putting up the sails. The girls got up a bit late then panicked we had missed breakfast, but luckily we were all up a bit late as we were going to explore before we left.

We are currently anchored off of the Isle of Wight and will be coming into port in the next few hours. For tonight’s meal we are having CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA with rice and veggies. Luckily for some the mushrooms are packable. ?

We are now doing this blog to avoid the pile of washing up and a very angry Ramsey shouting “where’s the lamb sauce?”

I just want to tell all the worried parents out there that we are fine, unless Port side is cooking! Other than that we are happy just running on strawberry laces and skittles (not that we didn’t have any energy to begin with)!

By the Starboard watch and Alanna.

I miss you Freya. – Nicole

Flyn says nothing. – Flyn

Hi Leia (the dog). – Hannah

I am alive don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off yet. – Harry

Help. – Cameron (not feeling the best)

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