Challenger 2 – Ex Pupils from St Michael’s Middle School

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Day 1

We were spilt up into our boat groups, furthermore assigned to our cabins. The Challenger boat we were staying on was Challenger 2 – which was Eve, Hala, Henry and soon to be Curtis. Once settled in we reconvened on Challenger ,2 which was the boat we would be using for sailing. Safety briefs and getting to know the ship followed. Stopping for a break for lunch. Weather proof gear was provided to us for the journey later. Preparing the ship for an adventure which included connecting sails, uncoiling and attaching ropes, learning more about the boat. We set sail. Eve and Jack were at the front of the boat and were later soaked. Eve and Hala sweated the sails and let them up, while Deigan lived his lifelong dream of being Rose from Titanic. We then had a training course where we learnt how to prepare in case a man goes overboard. We launched a fender named Bluey over board and practised. After, the boats had a challenge to see who could raise the sail the fastest. Our boat, Challenger 2, won with one minute and ten seconds. We were freezing, so we all had a hot chocolates, except Tom who had a tea. After, we prepared to get back. Once we got back to the dock, we packed up the sails and coiled the ropes. After we went our separate ways and ate our dinner for the night, which was chilli. Then we cleaned up and hung out on the deck. Today was a really good day and we can’t wait for tomorrow!

– Challenger 2, the Winners (For Now)

Day 2

We woke up at 7:30 to a very nice cup of hot chocolate and coco pops. After that, we got our wet weather gear on and got the boat ready for the voyage, very nice.

Getting ready for the voyage we had to untie the mooring lines and pull out the fenders, and put them in the sail locker. We also had to get the right type sail for the weather and voyage.

It was a bright orange sail meaning strong storms because we were trying to recreate the video made from when these boats sailed round the world. The reason for this is because it is marking the 20 year anniversary of the BT global challenge, which is a race around the world the hardest way. 12 boats set sail 20 years ago to race round the world in the hardest and craziest weather conditions. We re-enacted different scenes from the BT global challenge race which consisted of us being covered with water (pretending to be waves). We also got a chance to steer the boat which was nerve racking but very exciting.

Today we went up against each other in a sweating challenge, we were taught how to sweat and use the winches, up against the wind and sea. We also learnt how to tie a boeline and a clovehitch.

For our dinner we had Hungarian goulash with swede and potatoes. Challenger 1 cooked this dish to compete in the ‘Come Dine with Me’ challenge, where every team cooks a dish every night. But as we all know Challenger 4 will cook the best dish. We have enjoyed today and have learnt lots of new things. PS. Challenger 4 is the best crew.

– Deigan, Jack, Tom (Challenger 4)

Day 3

On day 2, we woke up at 7:30 to get ready and have breakfast.  After we had eaten and washed up, we did some navigation work with our watch leaders. We were originally going to go out on the boats early in the morning, but the winds and rain were a bit too heavy to actually do anything. So, we waited a little longer than usual to set off, but we did leave before lunch. During the navigation work, we learned about the different buoys and their purposes; for example: a buoy that has two arrows pointing down on the top of the buoy means that the boat can pass by the south of it, because it is a no danger zone. After the wind and rain settled down, we continued the day with some normal sailing- but lunch was strange, because we were heeling over way too much. It was fun, even though Tom dropped his hotdog on the floor. We got back after 4:00, and our team (Challenger 1) got to take showers. We then waited for the others to finish food, (Challenger 2 cooked mushroom and chicken risotto.) and then we rated it. Then we did the washing up and got ready for bed.

Bella, Megan and Elise

Day 4

XF201019 The Highlights

Jack- climbing the mast because it was really fun. I also really enjoyed driving the boat because I was in control.

Eve- I really enjoyed cooking, coiling ropes and just having a laugh with everyone.

Elise- I loved all the cooking and I also had lots of fun climbing the mast because it built up my confidence, and I also liked having a great time with everyone and the night sailing. J

Deigan-I loved having a laugh with everyone, my favourite job was holding the big fender and making sure the boat didn’t get holes. I loved climbing the mast on Thursday. J

Hala-My favourite jobs to do were sweating the sails and coiling the ropes. I also really enjoyed doing the Come Dine with Me challenge and having a laugh with everyone.

Bella- I really liked being with other people, even if I don’t know them very well. I loved how much fun we had as a group and I also loved doing all the different jobs around the boat.

Henry – I loved the experience and the amazing view. I learnt how to make Janes amazing hot chocolates.

Tom- The experience I had from this voyage has been amazing and I loved every bit of it. My favourite job was steering the boat and getting the sails up. I learnt how to navigate in day and night and I also have mastered the clove hitch knot and the boeline knot, and not forgetting learning to make Jane’s famous hot chocolate. J

Megan-I loved being on the boat with everybody and having a fun time. I especially loved sailing at night and seeing the stars, and sailing the ship was super fun. I also loved climbing the mast up to the top!

Curtis-I really liked going up the mast and I have learned a range of different knots to tie I also steered the boat a few times and I really enjoyed it and I have never been on a boat before so this is a very good experience and I saw loads of big boats.

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