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Challenger 2 – Croydon Youth Zone

By Tall Ships - June 5th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Two

Today we woke up at 8:30 to make breakfast

At 9:30 we discussed a food menu for the rest of the week. Some of us helped to look at and fix the alternator.

At 10:30 we prepared the boat and also ran lines and got the sails out.

Once the boat was ready we left cowes then we made our way out to sea

After that we put up the sails.

Then we came down for lunch and then everyone got sea sick and had to lie down to recover.

The others that was not sea sick sailed to Studland bay and we anchored the boat

We then put the sails away now we are cooking dinner and then we are making blades for wind turbines and test whose works the best.

Keleisha jordan

Day Three


Day one onto too tall ship challenger 2, we began with 8 new sailors to visit the tall ship and see the area of Portsmouth harbour. Considering we had a load of luggage with us from our travels to Portsmouth harbour we had to load it all onto the tall ship however, despite us all being very excited to just explore the tall ship and chill out we had to first pay a visit to the well renound tech deck. Before we set off to the tech deck we first made introductions to those that we will be traveling with Josh the skipper, Tony, Dereck, Nev.

Journey to tech deck:

We began our walk to the tech deck, which was not the quickest walk despite our long travel but we had the team’s jokes, smiles and history talks to keep us going. The tech deck was based upon the Olympic boat racer Ben Hasley. The tech deck is the place where boats are built and engine are built and also fixed. At the tech deck it’s also the place where there developing a new boat to bring the cup back to England however, I can’t disclose this information as its top secret. Once we arrived within the complex to our joy the lifts were down so we had to climb flights of stairs to reach our destination. Once we reached the top we were then greeted by Lisa who was to give us our history lesson on Ben Hasley and the history of the race boats and the famous cup made of pounds of silver that sits on its own seat in first class. It was great learning and understanding of how important it was to England to bring the cup back rather than the Americans winning and how much effort it takes to get the boats made and designed. In addition to this for us to have a greater understanding we had to build our own Sails that would be put into a wind turbine and this was to test whose would go the fastest and the way to do this was those sails that created the most lift would go the fastest and produce the best results. Lastly we got to explore the floor we was on with various things to do such as the virtual boat racer which was good fun a competitive as had to beat the fastest time, there was also a machine called the coffee grinder which is real hard work as it becomes harder the more you press on.

Journey to Cowes:

Once we had finished at the tech deck we had to then make our way back to the tall ship where we then began our journey to the Cowes our first destination on the challenger. Unfortunately however, before we set we had a crew member leave all of sudden guess he weren’t feeling the rest of the journey but that didn’t stop us from keeping our heads up and moving on with the journey with excitement. We were going to set up sails but as it was our first arrival and we were all tired we decided to just use the engine to get us going today. While this was happening and our skipper Josh our trusty man behind the wheel. We were on deck running through how everything works and we were split into group’s first group exploring the down below and the other group exploring upstairs. With this we were introduced to the toilet known as the heads great they had toilets not great that it takes 40 pumps to flush but all part of the experience. We then had the cabin were all the sails are kept and the fenders. Next were the bunks almost look like hammocks just without the swinging. We then went up deck to understand how the life jacket works, word of advice keep on at all times apart from when your down below as it would be no help. As the boats is on its way to Cowes the crew Are experiencing the swaying of the boat on the water and it creates one of the worst feelings in the stomach similar to that of as roller coaster. It took 2hours to reach Cowes which went by in no time once we got used to the boat and began to take everything in. once we reached our destination we went through who would be doing what in our groups such as the cooking and cleaning. Our first meal of the day was spag bowl which was great especially after the long day we had and there was more than enough to go round and soon after everyone was ready to hit there bunks and sleep through to the next day.

Tre Sutton

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