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Challenger 2 – Cross Key Homes/Queen Katherine Academy

By Tall Ships - July 19th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Three

We started off by waking up at 7 and started to go up on deck to start putting the ship together while Mr Wills and Miss Hodgson made breakfast for us. After all of that, we set off to go back to Portsmouth. We ate bacon rolls for breakfast, some of us had egg rolls. We had a race between all the challengers to see who could be quickest-we came second.  The wind was strong today and the waves were rough (speed of 8.4 knots) so a lot of people got very very sea sick. After putting the waterproofs on, everyone had to sit down because people were too ill. Most of them were sitting over the edge in case they would throw up (many did). After they got a bit better, Imogen made a quiz/deck games to test us on our boat knowledge. Starboard (our team) won. After we passed the Needles, the waves began to calm down and this helped the crew recover. Most of us got a chance at the helm. Then we put the main sail, Yankee sail and stay sail down as were close to our destination. On our way to Portsmouth, we had to give way for a navy vessel and a big ferry. We then tied up to another challenger boat when we arrived at the pontoon at about 6 pm.

Maria, Klaudia and Mr Wills

Day Two

Today we  climbed the  mast and some of us made it to the top, others  attempted too.  Over all we all gave it a try. After  lunch we went to the RNLI training college were  the life boats were made, it was great  to see how they were made ,after we learnt how life boats were made we went to the beach  and some of us went in the sea others wanted to look around the beach and also we found a jelly fish on the beach and some of us were throwing rocks and stabbing it with sticks after a few of us played football with another school. After dinner we cleaned up as a team and it is good to see that we are working as a team.

By holly, Paula and  Klaudia

Day One

We woke up at around 7. Then we had breakfast, we enjoyed the cereal and juice.

After that our team had to clean the boat, e.g. the heads, the rooms and the kitchen. Then we got told what to do by Imo and she told us to get our life jackets. Then we put the sail up and we each got a turn to steer the wheel. After we had tea, coffees and hot chocolates for a break. We did a race with the rest of the challengers to see who could put the sail up quickest. There was drones and photographers recording and taking pictures of us. We sat on the edge of the boat so we could have pictures taken. We had won. Then we learnt tacking and we really enjoyed it.  We then had lunch which was pasta and drinks. Then we had free time to do whatever we wanted, like sitting on the edge. Then we had to learn what to do for man over board and we tried it with buoys, we had to save them. We did it once without the sails, the one with them. Then we had to put down the main sail, we all had to do it together. Then Paul had to give us each a job because we were stopping very soon. Some of us were on the bow and some were on the stern. We arrived in Poole. We now had Heath tool. Then we got time to visit the town and to go shopping. We really enjoyed this day, it was a great learning experience and we got to learn new things.


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