Challenger 2 – Charterhouse

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To kick off our adventures in the month of March, we had a group of sea cadets from Charterhouse join us on board Challenger 2 for a three-day voyage.

Read all about the exciting details of their second day of adventure in the blog below.

Day 2

Morning, Saturday 2 March

Breakfast was cereal with milk. Pretty tasty. Getting out of bed was tough though as it was really cold this morning. A common theme throughout the day to be honest.

We got out onto deck at 9:00 (around that time). The other boat were weird and were already up and going. They left first (obviously) whilst everyone struggled with their clothes on ours. 🙂

We eventually left the marina in Portsmouth slowly and went the long way around the shallow bit.

Mr. Ninham showed us a point, ferries use to get into the marina – a church and war memorial.

Day 2

Midday, Saturday 2 March

We had the sails up. The wind had picked up and everyone was helping out on deck. It was very cold but sunny. My hands were raw from the ropes and lack of gloves.

Lunch was jacket potatoes with a choice of baked beans, coleslaw, tuna and lots of cheese. Freddie L. had an odd choice of coleslaw and cheese because he is like that.

We learnt different trick (Robyn just sunbathed) and Freddie complained about sweating and pulling a halliard. He did the least work in my eyes.

I had a go helming after George and had great fun shouting at Freddie C. when we tacked. Stewart made fun of his height loads and also complained about his sea sickness. The sailing was actually very fun.

Day 2

Afternoon/evening , Saturday 2 March

Charlie talked about some random facts about the boat and ‘nerded’ out with Freddie C over boats. The Man over board was awful we missed the fender about ten times (skipper Sophie and First mate James would like it noted they went round twice and only because of a boat hook malfunction). Mr Ninham chose the easy job of pointing and looking, still, he somehow struggled at that (I had to help him).

Coming into the harbour was stressful. I was on fender duty, but the rope was super rough and hurt my hands. Freddie Lonsdale actually helped with the sails towards the end and Bea rolled some main sheets into a bag. I pretended to do something whilst grabbing a sail and grunted in fake effort. Anyway, the other boat got there first and helped with the soggy ropes we needed to put on the side of the boat.

Dinner was pasta bolognaise and was very tasty. I had to wash up with my side of the boat whilst the other half cooked the pasta beforehand. Myself and Stewart went to shower and it was good quality showers.

We all participated in a quiz – it was very good fun and tested what we had learnt during the day and also some random general knowledge (here’s some facts for you: did you know the second highest mountain in Mexico called the Popocatepetl?). 🙂

We will get the results and prize tomorrow (hopefully some chocolate).

And now I am writing the blog.

– Harry

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