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Challenger 3 – Blackburn District Scouts

By Kelly Field - June 4th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments
Onboard Challengers 1 and 3 we have a group from Blackburn District Scouts!
We have a mixture of Guides, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Network Scouts from Blackburn and Ribble Valley, joining us for a five-day voyage along the South Coast.
Stay tuned throughout the week for updates from their residential adventure!

Day 2

Wednesday 1

On my arrival to Portsmouth, I did not have high expectations for the trip. I had never been sailing before and assumed it would not be my type of adventure.

But as soon as I stepped foot on deck, I have enjoyed every moment onboard. The members of Tall Ships Youth Trust are such welcoming people and have made every minute of this trip fun.

My short time on this trip has taught me so much already, I have finally started to adapt my geography skills. A day into my adventure and I have never underestimated a trip this much.

From Portsmouth we sailed along the Jurassic Coast to Cowes, we managed to set up one sail and get an idea what our week would entail. From Cowes we then travelled over to Weymouth and was fortunate to experience ideal winds for sailing, we have now settled in Weymouth and have settled down nicely to some fish and chips.

Day 4

Friday 3

The past couple of days have been brilliant! Definitely a trip I would recommend to anyone.

Today (Friday 3 June 2022), we had breakfast cooked by Rob (first watchman); Spanish omelettes and bacon butties, lovely. After breakfast, our Mate, May, led an activity which was to climb the mast!

Everyone bar a couple, dared the 95 foot! mast climb. After the adrenaline-fuelled acrobatics we left Yarmouth and motored towards Portsmouth. Between the journey the team erected the boom, which is a large pole suspended outside the bow of the ship. A few people, including myself, were eager to shuffle up the rope after experiencing the mass climb.

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