Challenger 2 – Belmont School

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Day One

On Monday the 18th our first full day spent on the challenger 2, We had our safety brief first thing after breakfast, and we were basically taught the potential risk factors that could occur if we didn’t use the equipment properly. After the briefs we were given our sailing waterproofs then we set sail from Portsmouth harbour to Lymington harbour. On the journey, we were split into watches (Girls watch and Boys watch) and were given tasks and evolutions (tacking, putting the sails up, steering the ship, etc.)

Even though the tasks were difficult and time consuming, we really enjoyed learning the various skills and details that we needed to be aware of while sailing on the boat. We learned how to use the equipment by demonstrations given by the crew. While aboard we made sure to show the Belmont way by being respectful and showing  we can work as a team and get things done without any problems.

Louise Hewitt & Alex English

Day Two

On the 2nd day of the boat trip we had lots of fun.
On the morning we woke up and got the boat ready after making the breakfast and eating it. We then set sail for pool harbour which we are sleeping at tonight. Chris stepped up after the wind died down to help to sail the boat (don’t ask how he did it). We then learned that Edward is not good at letting you down the sail after climbing it that is if you want half your genital gone. We also learned that you should never let Callum near the sugar otherwise you get a table covered in sugar.  Today however, the sail was particularly fun because we got to climb the mast of the sail. Although many attempted the ascent only Chris made it all the way up sail.


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