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Challenger 2 – Barratt Homes Leadership Challenge

By Tall Ships - October 21st, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Today we came down to Portsmouth to go on challenger 2 tall ships boat and was greeted by skipper (Terry Standing), first mate (Pete Caine) and the watch leader (Graham Holbrook). Once we got aboard we was then briefed on safety and the do’s and don’ts of sailing and boat rules. Once this had been completed lunch was then served. When we had eaten the crew on board set sail at 13:00 hours. After this we then rigged main sail to second reef and then storm sail, mainly due to high winds on the sea.

4 tacks and 4 hours later we arrived at Cowes (isle of Wight) after dressing the deck and putting the boat to bed it was time to grab some tea. The choice of food served was spaghetti Bolognaise cooked by the starboard watch team. Port watch then did the washing of the pots. Once all showered it was time for bed and lights out at 22:00. All very tired and a day of real fun for all.

Day Two

Up at 7:00 starboard watch dressed the deck pulling out sails and setting up the rigging ready for the day ahead whilst port watch prepared breakfast bacon butties was the choice served at 9:30. After breakfast a quick briefing from skipper where Billy Woods and Alex Duncan and were given objectives for the day. We headed for Swanage bay approx. 32 miles away from, Cowes harbour 3 tacks later we arrived at 15:00 hours, during this voyage some highlights were successfully tacking when the boat was at a 30deg heel, Sea was over the decking this was great fun Olly also climbed the mast to bring down the main sail for lunch. Lunch was Ginsters pasty and baked beans. Following lunch we set sail for our final waypoint of Poole and arrived at 17:00.Today has been a great day and the team developed thanks to some good leadership from Alex and Billy. Once the boat had been put to bed we had half hour lesson on navigation and the group planned a possible route back to Cowes, for dinner we had a fish and chip dinner.

Finally today is Luke’s birthday we are having birthday cake

Day Three

The crew was up by 7:00 and breakfast was prepared by the Port Watch and ready to be served at 7:30 the choice of breakfast was cereals, whilst the deck was being prepped by the starboard watch. Once breakfast was complete  the challenger 2 was ready to set sail we set off from Poole harbour at 8:30 once we was out of the harbour we had cocktail sailing with the wind behind us creating a run , also the  previous night the crew learnt about navigation and we followed the route set the previous night. Many of the crew had a go at helming including Connor, Oliver, Reiss and Phil. Also early in the morning Luke led a team and showed real leadership skills in getting the crew hoist the Yankee 2 sail up. We rode the waves and headed to the needles and Cowes at a steady pace of 6 knots however the challenger 2 and crew were in force 8 winds. When arriving at Cowes harbour at 15:00 hours we attached to port and took both sails we had used previously down. Then starboard team cooked dinner which was the legendry special of Skipper Terry the delicacy chosen was Sausage, mash and Caramelised Onions.  Whilst this happened port watch had happy hour cleaning the deck with brushes and mops. After dinner which was delightful the crew headed for showers and got ready for the night at Cowes and ready to set sail for the final destination of Portsmouth.

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