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Challenger 2 – Addey and Stanhope School

By Kate Stewart - July 1st, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Joining us onboard Challenger 2, we have a group from Addey and Stanhope School in London joining us for a four-night residential voyage.

Read their blog to find out what they’ve been getting up to.

Day 1

Sunday 25

Harvey: Today I completed the first day of the boat trip with the boys group. It was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot.

I learnt about all the different ropes on the boat and what they can do to allow the boat to sail. It was very useful as I never know when I may need these skills in the future ahead of me.

I am grateful for the members of TSYT for teaching me new skills and allowing me to advance into new challenges. I am also grateful for the journey so far and being chosen to come on such a great trip.

Dele: Today I dedicated myself to going onto a boat trip with my friends and I am enjoying myself.

I have learnt the important stuff and I’ve learnt how to do multiple different things that are very consequential to do.

One thing I’m grateful for is being able to go onto this trip, learning and having an experience I will never forget.

Kaniel: Today I have prepared the boat, managing to direct people what to do on the water and how to have fun safely

I have learnt the different parts of the boat. We pulled ropes and I have learnt how to be safe on the water, using my talent to perform greatness

I am grateful for Mr Sinclair, taking me on this, trip I’m having a good time with my friends and creating bonds between my lovely peers.

Raheem: Today we sailed the boat to Isle of Wight, it took an hour and thirty minutes. I had a nap, which was surprisingly nice as the sea rocks you to sleep.

I learnt how to prepare a boat before sailing, by tying the knots to hold things in place and the ropes to pull. On top of that I learnt how boats work on the inside.

I’m grateful for not going overboard and not getting sea sick on the first day. I’m also grateful that the food was cooked for us and was nice.

Taylor: So far today I have done lots in a short amount of time. I have prepped the boat, tied knots and steered the boat by myself.

I have learnt how to keep safe on the boat, how to manually steer the boat and how everything onboard works. I have also practiced self care.

I am grateful for Mr Sinclair for taking me on the boat and giving me this opportunity to be here and for TSYT and Saltus for providing the funds for me to enjoy it.

Day 2

Monday 26

Lizenio: Today we had a long journey from Cowes to Poole.

I have learnt teamwork between myself and my peers, as well as my own strengths and ability.

Today I am grateful for helming and learning more and more about sailing.

I am grateful for this because I had a wonderful experience learning more about the joy of sailing.

Omarie: Today we took a long six-hour journey to Poole (which was quite good, because I got some sleep)

I have learnt how to use the clove hitch technique to tie a rope properly, and also learned how teamwork is important while on a boat.

I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to learn new skills.

Hamza: I woke up, we cooked breakfast then we set up the boat and set off Poole. We ate dinner, then we went to shower.

I learnt teamwork because we had to work together to put the sails up.

I am grateful for this opportunity because I am learning new skills.

Max: Today I learnt how tie a fender on the sides of the boat to stop crashes. I also learnt how to climb on the mast and the sail. I have learnt that responsibility and persevering is important.

I am grateful for the crew members being so helpful and teaching me how to do things and I managed to overcome my fear of falling in the water.

Daner: We went out to sea and put up our sails for the first time. Although it was a very hard skill to master, we overcame it with perseverance. Me and Omari also took turns sleeping on deck like dominos. We also reached Poole.

I persevered during cooking hours, I volunteered to do everything and also caught the mash when it was about to drop. Sadly, VERY SADLY, my food fell, but Paul generously got me more sausagesm which I shared with Raheem and Hamza.

I am grateful for Lizenio because he persevered through everything, despite vomiting, he had done everything for us as a team captain. Also Harry, because he’s just the best.​

Day 3

Tuesday 27

Harvey: Today I woke up extremely early, but didn’t think anything of it and went straight out onto deck. I was making sure to help out as much as I could and got my jobs done. As a bonus, we were taken to the arcade and the beach, which was very exciting!

A skill I learnt today was how to do elephant ears with the ropes. I also learnt other different skills, such as climbing the mast. I learnt more about my social skills when in the arcade with my friends.

I am grateful for TSYT teaching me all these different skills so that I can use them in the future if needed. I am also grateful for my peers and them making sure I am alright at all times. I was very grateful for Mr. Sinclair taking us to the arcade and beach (moving away from his free time).

Taylor: Today I woke up early and went straight to work and achieved a lot. We went to the beach and arcade and also we went to the shop and got sweets.

A skill I learnt today is how to do a cross knot and an elephant knot. I learnt how to put up all the sails and dock the boat. Also learnt how to play games at the arcade.

One thing I am grateful for is sir and TSYT for making sure we have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Raheem: Today we travelled eight hours. We sailed for most of it and we stooped in a town that had its own port. We also were allowed to go to the shop and buy snacks for the long trip tomorrow

I learnt how to tie rope knots. I also learnt that having one pair of shoes is important because you never know what will happen because you will have to shower in your socks.

I’m grateful for the breakfast because it was very nice and the pina chocola was nice. Also the staff were very helpful when telling me what to do.

Dele: Today we enjoyed a nice 06:30 wakeup time and got the sail up and ready for sailing in the wind (cold).

One thing I learnt about myself was the fact I hate waiting for food and also learnt how to become very skilful in the snake pit.

I’m grateful to my piers for being very helpful and very courageous, and I am very proud.

Kaniel (Ken): On the boat I steered and also tied up the boat so we could park safely. And I also raised the flag to the top of the mast.

I learnt something about myself today, to be accepting while living on the boat for a while.

I am grateful for the TSYT team for teaching me day in and day out about how to work a boat, and also my peers for helping me along the way.

Day 4

Wednesday 28

Lizenio: I learnt to have resilience and determination to do the things I think I cannot do e.g.; climbing the mast and more. I also learnt respect towards staff and my peers.

I have learnt integrity and and to have respect and determination.

Today I am grateful for the amazing trip and for the amazing staff who have provided us with the best information. I’m grateful for life and for my peers. I was never originally on this trip but the amazing Mr Sinclair gave me the amazing opportunity!

Hamza: Today I learnt to have determination to do the things I didn’t really think I could do, for example climbing the mast.

I learnt to be talk up after something goes wrong and to never leave a situation when it’s not going to be fixed.

Today I am grateful for being able to climb the mast because it’s a once in a life time opportunity.

Omarie: Today I climbed the mast and reached to the top. Today I learnt that determination is important because it can help you and your peers around you. Today I was really hard working and I felt I accomplished something.

Today I am grateful for being able to go to the top of the mast because it’s not an easy thing to do. I am grateful to Mr Sinclair for giving us a last chance to get our sweets.

Max: Today I climbed up the mast and I had an opportunity to do some serious reflection. I also learnt how to do the knots and how teamwork is important.

Today I learnt that I get angry quickly and I need to find ways of how to reflect on the anger and regulate myself. I am going to do this by taking deep breaths. I also learnt accountability towards the end of the day and that even if you think it’s the wrong decision at the time, you can always find a way to fix it. Being honest in that moment in time can stop a bigger situation that it needs to be from happening.

Today I am grateful for the crew and the experience as a whole. I am grateful for Mr Sinclair and having the time to speak to me and pull me up when I’m doing wrong and giving me the opportunity to change.

Daner: Today I was the first person to climb the mast and it made me realise that not everything seems how it is. We also made our way back to Cowes.

Today I learnt that I don’t have to be the person that tries to impress people. I also learnt how to tie up the beam.

Today I am grateful for Mr Sinclair because I realised that he could’ve singled me out when I was in a bad action, but instead he didn’t like other teachers have. That made me feel grateful, because usually when teachers do something publicly, it makes me defensive. I was happy that he did this in private.

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