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Challenger 2 ⎼ Mosslands School

By Kate Stewart - September 13th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Joining us for a residential adventure onboard Challenger 2 this week, we have a group of year 10 pupils from Mosslands School in the Wirral.

Read their blog to see what they’ve been getting up to so far. ​

Day 1

Monday 12

Today was day one of our five-day TSYT experience. It didn’t start out great back at home as the mini bus’ battery was flat. Seth’s dad had to come to the rescue to jump start it, but once we were on our way, it was all smooth sailing (GET IT?) the rest of the way.

When we arrived at the marina, we all set up in our cabins and had a tour of the boat. Once we got settled in, work was under way! We had to set up the sail, take off the fenders and set up the sheets, then we were off!

During the journey, we learnt a lot about sea life and the places we were going to be visiting, for example, we learnt that the Queen sometimes stayed on the Isle of Wight and that the ensign flag is at half-mast this week, due to her recent passing.

Once we arrived and docked in Cowes, we started making dinner, CHICKEN FAJITAS! Just before we finished cooking, we went ashore to Sainsbury’s and got some snacks. Then we came back and had dinner, before a small quiz about the “heads” (toilets).

In the evening, we had some free time and now we are sitting down to write this blog. 

By James and Seth.

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