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By Tall Ships - August 14th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Greetings from Grenada!

Day One

We are sixteen soles total aboard, with eight ladies and eight chaps.

After a very thorough below and above deck briefing, we departed for Grand Mai Bay, picking up the mooring buoy at c. 15-20 hrs, we took to the dinghy and went snorkelling to see the statues and brightly coloured fish.

The ladies done have splendid job with providing our meals, with washing up services being provided by the men.

Day Two

We motor sailed from Grenada to Clifton, Union Island, c. 39 n.m. which took nearly 6 hrs. The azure colours of the area of sea inside the reef are a sight to behold. We anchored, cleared immigration and tasted the local the local Carib beer!

Day Three

After breakfast, we sailed from Union Island to Tobago Cays and anchored in the nature reserve at 11-45 hrs,

Most of the crew enjoyed snorkelling and we saw, in addition to a variety of fish, stingrays and turtles + a puffer fish.

In the evening, we had a well organised BBQ, eating very large, fresh lobsters, with fried plantain, jacket potatoes, rice and vegetables.

Day Four

We snorkelled again in the morning and then departed for Mayreau.

The town is all uphill and some of us climbed to the top to visit the pretty little Catholic Church.

We had some drinks in a colourful local bar and then moved downhill to Dennis’s Hideaway (a modern futuristic)

Day Five

Anchor up at c.10.00 hours, we motor sailed for 4.5 hours to the island of Carriacou. We anchored at Hillsborough Bay to clear immigration, but had to stay on board, due to the procedure not being completed

On a lighter note the 4No. men in the crew (the fab four!!) volunteered to don chefs hats and prep and cook the food for the day. Breakfast consisted of crispy bacon, fried eggs, tomatoes and baked beans/ lunch was hot dogs/ and dinner was a tasty beef stew, with onions, peppers, garlic and mushrooms. Those attending The Early Risers Saloon and The Last Chance Saloon-We Aim to Please seemed be well satiated!

Day Six

We sailed back towards Port Louis, Grenada, the wind speed varying from 7 to 18 knots.

As we were preparing to enter port, we suffered engine failure (bell housing sheared).

We managed to maintain our position using the Yankee 1 sail and later were towed into the marina.

Crew dinner was taken at the Victory restaurant and we celebrated Ian’s birthday with gusto!!

Day Seven

Challenger1 was thoroughly cleaned, including polishing of the yacht’s brass plate and most of the crew departed.

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