Challenger 1 – Winchester House School (Year 8 leavers trip)

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Day 3

Entry Three

We woke up and had breakfast which was bacon rolls. We set up all of the sails and were the first to leave. We sailed into choppy water and none of us were sick.

For lunch we had chicken soup. Before we got to harbour we put down all the sails. For dinner we had pork chops, potatoes and carrots, followed by apple turnovers.

Today was very fun and interesting. Today we also had to go into town to buy the tackiest things we could find, and then judge on whose was best. (Obviously ours) Henry and Ned enjoyed cleaning the loos today, they said it was educational.  Nibbles (the Hamster) committed suicide today by jumping overboard.  Sad!

We also ate lots of biscuits. For once all the boats were close together until we overtook them. Hehe. Another boat also saw dolphins but we didn’t. Finalement, we went to the park and Erin fell over, multiple times (multiple doesn’t cut it) on a spinney thing.

By Max, Max, Erin & Oli

Day 2

Entry Two

We got up at 7 AM and were prepared to set sail at 7:50 AM. We sailed for 9 hours, in which we learnt the Handcuff and Bowline knot and we learnt to pull up the Main sail and how to turn it to face the right direction.

We had a quick lunch at 1:30 PM before washing up and setting sail again. Near Weymouth, we slowly pulled down the sail again and made our way into the harbour. We spent an hour and a half exploring the surroundings before coming back at 6:30 PM to cook dinner. We then washed up, had a shower and showed off the Tacky souvenirs we had bought with our money.

The boys are useless (Henry) and Ollie finally washed his hair. Max G-C claims that his hair isn’t greasy anymore (it still is) and Max C-H got very mad when we sung the cow song instead of the sheep song. Henry slept and complained that he was doing too much work.


Day 1

Entry One

9:30 am

After an agonising 3 hours journey, we met our Tall Ship crew.  Skipper – Paul, Mate- Charlotte, Watch Leaders – Ella and Merlin (Harry). We started off learning about the boat and the people; we were introduced to our waterproofs and also our best friends this week. We unpacked and set the sails initiating our journey. We then practiced raising the sail up and down, tying knots and helping out around the boat. We peeled potatoes and helped with dinner- well to an extent. 😉 Now we are here typing this, then we shall go to bed so bye.

Erin and Chloe

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