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Challenger 1 — Thomas Deacon Academy

By Tall Ships - October 15th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1

Monday 4th - by Thomas

Today we met the sailing staff from Tall Ships Youth Trust, Mike, Gadget, Julian and Nick. They taught us how to sail the boat as we travelled from the Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. Then while we were on the boat we grinded the grinder. I steered the boat, along with Abigail and Nicole. When we got to The Isle of Wight we had a chicken and vegetables curry

Tomorrow we are going to sail to Yarmouth​

Day 2

Tuesday 5th

Today we sailed to Yarmouth. We learnt how to do knots like Bowline and Clove hitch. Abigail, Jacob, Miss Waudby, and Nicole became seasick. Thomas was a little. The weather was windy and clear, with little rain every now and then. We learned how to put up the main sail up, with a little bit of difficultly and that the corners are the head, tack and clew, the sides are luff, foot and leach.

Day 3

Wednesday 6th

Today the weather was very clear and sunny, with some gusts of winds. We sailed to Lymington and had a great time. Along the ride, we visited the Needles, whilst tackling some rough sea conditions, that caused some of us to fall sea sick. Unfortunately, we were not able to see any dolphins, but our day was very fun and one of the best we have had so far due to the great weather conditions and cheese sandwich. Some very brave students climbed the Mast and some even got to the top! We are tremendously proud of what we have achieved so far throughout this trip.

*side-note* We lost Luis in pound land but he got some good deals??

Day 4

Thursday 7th

This evening we are going back to Portsmouth and today was a little different different because before dinner/tea we anchored to prepare for a night navigation

Today we did the put up the front sail and then we had hot drinks including tea, coffee and hot chocolate/hot cocoa.

Some people were lucky enough to have a nap during the day sail, and others had another go at helming. Since the sea was very relaxed with barely any waves nor wind nobody was sea sick and so we relaxed and enjoyed the view without the coldness that we had the past few days.

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