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Challenger 1 – Thomas Deacon Academy

By Kate Stewart - September 21st, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

This four-night voyage has been supported by Cross Keys Homes.

Read their blog to find out more!

Day 1

Monday 18

For the first day of our TSYT experience, we had our first meal in Portsmouth. We decided it shall be Burger King and chose the scrumptious double melt meal.

After that, we went on the boat and sailed the biblical seas to Cowes. We untied the fenders from the boat and prepared ourselves on our journey.

We got quite wet so we moved away from the bow, but unfortunately we still were soaked.

From Challenger 1, Skipper – Captain Sparrow, Mate – the Kraken.

Day 2

Tuesday 19

On the second day of our TSYT experience, we had croissants for breakfast and they were so delicious.

We then went into the town for the first time and were given free time after an introduction to the street of shops, where we went on a search to find hair dye for Mr. Draper.

Once we came back to the boat, Lucas educated us on the basics of buoys. After this, we were shown a scavenger hunt game, the Chicken and Rice (with seasoning) team walked a longer way to the Egypt Point, only to be told later that they took a picture of the wrong thing.

There was also an assassination game, we were split into groups and walked around town taking pictures with monuments and items on our scavenger list. On the account of the assassination game, we are given a tool, a target and a location to kill out target at. After Day 1 of the assassination game, Dexter, Milos and Cayden were killed.

We found everything and returned to the boat, Mr Draper performed a demonstration on being rescued from falling into water and everyone had a good chuckle.

During free-time, Ace walked over Mr Draper’s feet multiple times “accidentally” resulting in him screaming constantly. We were then given free time until dinner, which was fish and chips.​

Day 3

Wednesday 20

Today began by having breakfast made by the Charvers, then we went to have a tour of the RNLI station in Cowes, where we uncovered a multitude of supine tidbits about the lifeboat force and it’s inner workings.

Furthermore, we saw the Sheena Louise, a rather peculiar marine vessel with a rather melancholic backstory. Some of the members have claimed an affliction known as “land sickness”, a terrible and recently-discovered affliction that plagued two members of the crew.

After, we went shopping for 40 pounds worth of sweets and baking supplies. Team Chicken and Rice (with seasoning) selected to make vanilla velvet cakes. Team Charvers went with red velvet cakes.

When we returned, we were surprised with an incoming challenge to buy the biggest quantity of items for the price of 10 pounds. Team Charvers managed to return with several cleaning supplies, while team Chicken and Rice with seasoning returned with several items to bribe Sophie (Skipper) and a medal for each crew member. Milosz and Favour returned with paper towels, plasters and chocolate fingers, as well as two pounds in change.

When everyone returned, we began baking with the baking supplies, starting a bake-off. This is when we were told to enter the “dragons den” to pitch why our items were best suitable. Results were revealed near the end of the day. The first team that was mentioned was Chicken with Spice (new name). The prize they received was a packet of KitKats. The second people mentioned were Milosz and Favour, who won a packet of Maoams. The last people mentioned were the Charvers, the Charvers are yet to receive their gift.

We then had a great night planned ahead of us. The plan was to play games and have dinner then bake our cakes. We all started our baking and it was sabotage from Mr. Draper, who bought us very minimal ingredients from the shops. But the Charvers dealt with this really well.

We then made pasta bolognaise, this was the best bolognaise ever until Mr. Draper told us the pasta was done when it clearly wasn’t done at all. We then played many games then unintentionally, Mr. Draper got whipped cream to his face Mr. Draper wasn’t very happy about this at all! We all then went to bed.

Mr Draper would like it added that he has sworn revenge on Miss Aziz, even though Sophie was the one who did it!

Day 4

Thursday 21

Today started with breakfast, which was pancakes made by team Chicken and Rice with seasoning. While in the process of making them, they managed to set them on fire while putting them into the oven.

After that, we set off for our penultimate sail. That’s when we went to climb the Spinnaker pole. Mr Draper spent his entire attempt screaming in fear and not moving from the starting line, while everyone on board laughed hysterically and recorded him.

We later returned to Cowes to fuel up. The fuel totalled £700+ pounds, leaving the youth crew stunned. Then when that was done, the nice man at the fuel station let us stay an extra 20 minutes for lunch. Lunch was soup by team Charvers. The two soups, which were made were chicken soup and minestrone.

Finally, we went on our last sail. We had lots of fun doing time trials of which trio could hoist the sails up and down the fastest. This was the cause of Viktorija laughing for more than two hours straight.

We sailed into the night and had our final lesson on buoys. We parked the boat for the final time in Portsmouth, where team Chicken and Rice with seasoning cooked the final meal of stir fry. Then our final night came to an end.​

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